When I finally sit to write my first ever blog which I have been thinking quite a while from now, I have been wondering how to start ,where to start, as I have no time simply no time for myself. when i decided to take a break from my work just to be a full-time mom , I thought what if I slip into depression as i will have ample of time with me but little did I know that I was taking a break from a part-time job to begin my full time highly professional job of being a full time momma. It’s not an easy task believe me if you are a parent to be then jut get ready its nothing less than a battle with no preparation you are just thrown into the battle field . And yes whatever “Tips & Tricks” the experienced so-called parents already tell you just forget that every baby is different and so is the journey oops !!!!! battle.

Well talking about parenting, handling a baby is incomplete if you don’t discuss the initial phase the initial happiness that you experience when you see those two lines. Well mine was nothing less than a dream come true.Totally unaware of the fact that my little one has already started taking his space in our life I thought its a normal delayed time of the month. It was after like 15 delayed days we decided to test. Both of us were confused but yet ready for it. Finally when we tested just like any other couples we wanted to be doubly sure and hence performed the test for like twice… thrice…. yes thrice we did it to be just sure.And it was yes yes yes all the time.I must admit he turned my life upside down from that day on.From that day I started having mixed feelings , mixed feelings as in I started seeing people from both the perspective people who were happy couples without babies and people who were happy couples with babies (that was a phase as someones happiness can’t be measured by the pics in social media ). Couple without babies always won in the matter of happiness quotient.That made me so insecure of the fact that I am no longer going to be the same carefree person I use to be now there will a huge responsibility, the responsibility of being a parent and I am too young , when I say young that doesn’t mean by age but by the maturity level which I think matters not the age.I thought being a mother you just need to be so perfect after all , all mothers are just so perfect what if I am not able to perform my role as a mother properly what if I become a bad mother a failure mom.That made me think over the decision of being a parent again and again.But since there was no looking back I decided to take it as it comes.

Believe me that was the best decision I have ever taken needless to say my baby is the best thing that ever happened to me. My motherhood made me realise just one thing which all mother to be out there should remember and the already mothers will agree , there is nothing called a perfect mom or a failure mom. Moms are just moms and they are the best for their babies no matter young or experienced.


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