A flame test to reveal shocking facts about the baby wipes

A simple flame test can reveal whether the wipes you are using on your baby is safe or not. Shocking as it may sound but the fact is majority of the baby wipes aren’t safe. But you need to perform this test with the current wipes you are using. And believe me you will make the switch to better options instantly.

Baby wipes and chemicals

Its a known fact that most of the baby wipes available in the market are filled with harmful chemicals. But still we tend to ignore it. The simple reason is we feel like its ok these chemicals can’t do much of damage. After all we are just wiping the skin and soon it would dry up. But the fact it it is only the water that drys up not the chemical. Imagine those harmful chemicals sticking to your baby’s delicate skin. But then using the cotton wash clothes or washing the baby’s bum with water everytime is also not possible. Atleast not when we are travelling and also in winters.

I will be very honest I find baby wipes really very convenient and it has made my life much easier and mess free. But I would never use it at the cost of my baby’s health and well being. Something which is harmful I try my level best to avoid it.

flame test

Flame test: Seeing is believing

I recently came across this method of testing the baby wipes with flame. Its a simple test to reveal whether the wipe is made up of chemicals like SLS, Paraben, Preservatives, PEG (polyethylene glycol) etc. These chemicals are really harmful and should be avoided in any baby products.

Now the problem is being a layman sometimes we are not able to understand even going through the labels. Whether the products ingredient list mentioned has harmful chemical or not.This simple test at home can reveal whether the wipes you are using is harmful or not.

Take a candle and lit it burn the baby wipe you are using currently from the corners. If the baby wipes burns with a smell similar to that of plastic and leaves a plastic like residue then it has harmful chemicals. These chemicals are those which should be avoided in baby products.

Safe wipes for babies

After doing this flame test I am sure you would be scared to use the bay wipes available in the market. And like me you would want to switch to cotton wash clothes . But as I mentioned wipes has made my life more easy and convienent. I wanted to find wipes which are safe and can pass the test.

Mother Sparsh Baby wipes claims to be 98% water and is completely biodegradable. I wanted to check it by myself and be sure about the claim.I conducted the same flame test with Mother sparsh baby wipes. And it completely burned down without leaving any residue only paper like ashes were left.There was no pungent smell like the other wipes that I tested.

Switch to the best

I made the switch to the best available baby wipes Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes. These wipes are as good as water and cotton. Apart from being 100 percent biodegradable these wipes are making the life of mothers so much easier.When you know that things that touch your baby are all natural and gentle just like mothers love and touch it makes our journey so much easier and wonderful.

To all the mothers out there who are moving mountains everyday to give the best to their child. Take this simple flame test and switch to the best.

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Disclaimer: It’s a sponsored post but all opinions and views expressed in this post are entirely based on my experience.



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  1. Seeing is believing! Well said. This flame test proves the wipes are natural and not synthetic material. I am looking to test myself.

  2. I also came to know about this test recently. With this we can easily check if the wipes we are using for our little ones are safe.

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