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Before I start my guide on Cloth Diapering, let me tell you about the announcement I have to make. If you follow me on my various social media platforms, you already know by now. But incase you are my exclusive blog follower let me tell you. We have been blessed with a baby girl and life is so much beautiful and off course busier. That is pretty much the reason I have not been posting here. Settling in with a new born routine and handling a toddler was kind of keeping us occupied. But now that we are pretty much in sink with each other. I decided to get back to my love for writing.

cloth diapering

Make up your mind

This is one of the most important thing to do. When you think of cloth diapering the first and fore most thing to do is make up your mind. Disposables are pretty easy options and tempting too. Tempting because you just have to use them and throw away.It might look like a cheap option initially, but on the long run it costs you more than just the money.

High time to reduce our waste

We are producing a large amount of waste which is going to take hundreds of years to decompose. Considering the rate of waste production. The day isn’t far when we will just be left with waste.Its high time we think about reducing the daily waste we produce. On an average a baby uses 4-5 diapers a day minimum . Considering on an average a baby is diaper free by 3 yrs. Thats a lot of waste from one household.So just your house and mine can add a lot to the greener earth by going disposable free.

Think about the pocket

Now that you are convinced to reduce your daily waste by going disposable free. I have a good news for you.You are going to save a lot of money. Lets consider night time cloth diapering just to give you an idea of how much you are saving.

I was an exclusive disposable diapering mom for my first one.

On an average from 10 p.m to 7 a.m you would be using two disposables minimum.

let the cost of 1 disposable be Rs 15/- so 1 night is costing you Rs30/-.

Monthly it costs you Rs900/-

yearly Rs 10800/-

average age a child wears diaper upto 3 yrs

so nigh time disposable diapering for the whole period of diapering will cost you Rs 32400/-

Now lets see how much the cloth diapering at the night time will cost you for a period of 3 yrs

One cloth diaper on an average costs- 650 to 700 lets take rs700/- you would need 2-3 diapers at max for the night.

Insert- bamboo insert for the night as they are more absorbent Rs 300.

if you use 3 diapers and 6 insert for a super dry feel night. (using two inserts in one diaper make it last long sometimes just one diaper lasts for the whole night )

3*700 = 2100

300*6 = 1800

so the total is 3900 including the cost of washing etc lets make it 4200.

Do I need to say more I have just calculated for night time. Imagine how much would be the saving if it is exclusive cloth diapering.


Building your stash

Alright point taken you don’t want to spend so much on cloth diapers they look expensive at least when you say “ONE DIAPER FOR Rs700/- OMG!!!!!

So when the newborn arrives, you and the newborn will be showered with loads and loads of gift. Most of your family would ask what you would need and even if they don’t let them know.Its better than getting a heap of useless gifts. Its wastage both for them and you.Rather select the print and send them theĀ link.

Now coming to building the stash. For initial few days I would suggest using cloth langots as it helps in determining if the baby is getting enough by getting the exact count of pee and poop. Plus the meconium leaves a bad stain. thats the reason i avoided using the cloth diapers for first few days.

Build your stash gradually and wisely. If you want your cloth diapering to be budget friendly like mine. I would highly recommend you go for one fit diapers and not invest much on the new born size.I vouch for pocket diapers and have been using exclusive pocket diapers and find them the most easiest to use and maintain.

To start with buy ten diapers and few extra inserts. Slowly when you set in with washing and drying routine start building and growing your stash.

Cloth Diapering for the win

As a new cloth diapering mom I feel cloth diapering is the best decision I have made. Not only I am going to leave a better and greener earth from my side for my kids. I also have a collection of beautiful photographs with their beautiful bums for them to cherish about their childhood. And not to forget I am saving a lot for their future too. Its a win win.

In case you are still not convinced here’s have a look at the beautiful diapers from the website I shop from


Happy Cloth Diapering !


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