In the last trimester of my pregnancy when I was too worried about handling a mini human I got comfort from the already mothers ,saying you can just read its mind ,there is some connection and you will get to know when he is hungry sleepy or colicky. I imagined myself as complacent mother taking my wailing baby from others lap saying he needs to sleep.

Sadly that never happened but yes it happens the other way round in my house. And as a result I have come to this conclusion that babies can read your mind that’s a talent that is inborn.

Giving them the benefit of doubt for the first three months as they are new to this world and adjusting and blah blah. lets start after that now that the baby sleeps for a longer duration at night so you think of a day when you plan a photo shoot on your own. You wake up dress for that make the baby dress and guess what its a sleepover day for him he is sleepy and wants to sleep. You decide to feed him and let him sleep and browse something over pinterest and the moment after browsing for like i don’t to know how long moment you get what you were looking for baby is up and ready to play.So that pretty well explains the reason for you looking like a sidey in all your baby’s pic where he  looks like he is giving cute baby syndrome to people around.

The day you think you can take a long shower and pamper yourself that day i bet that day you will be running out of the shower half-naked or may be naked.

Hot tea or coffee is a luxury which is very difficult to afford that is a proven fact and all over the internet become a parent if you don’t respect a hot tea. I never had one till now.

Getting out of the bed without waking your baby is an achievement that happens only when you can cheat with your baby by placing his favourite toy near him to make him believe you are around.

When you want to ignore someone and say you don’t want to visit them as the baby gets cranky in a different place or environment altogether and you by chance drop by for like few seconds and your baby greets them with a huge smile and wants to be carried by them ,on the other hand he just hates strangers.

But you know what I am really going to miss this super natural power possessed by my baby when he grows up.The candid photographs , the lukewarm tea ,the little time over internet ,the half-naked running around the house are the memories we are making. The memories of his childhood, where every lukewarm tea I sip today will be an anecdote for our future.

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15 thoughts on “BABIES CAN MIND READ

  1. You have made me so emotional! I don’t know what I will do with my life when the kids leave the best.

  2. Haha this exactly happened with my lo photoshoot day 🙂 I was all excited for it and thought she will have a nice nap for 4 hours and then will be fresh enough to pose and called the photographer around 2. As you said she read my mind may be and never took her afternoon nap that day 😀 and was up all afternoon :/

  3. You made me nostalgic. We should live in present and cherish every moment. They grow really fast. I really miss my daughter early childhood years. But I am lucky to relive those days with my son..

  4. I can relate so well to your posts mommy. I used to feel the exact same way.. the day I would decide to sleep early or catch a movie on Netflix he would just not sleep. Babies are mind readers

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