Being an Indian a lot of stress is given on baby massage in our households.Since the day baby is born the old grannies start with their advises on massaging the baby for stronger bones.Well scientifically there is no difference in bones of babies massaged since birth and babies who has never been massaged.The only and the most significant benefit of massage is off course soothing the baby and a good sleep.My whole idea of massaging my baby was a good sleep and well moisturise the skin of my baby as baby skin tends to get dry frequently.

My baby has a very sensitive skin and baby oils reacted so bad that I had to consult doctor fearing a major allergy but to my respite it was just a skin rash caused due to baby oil.

The thumb rule for selecting any oil for massage for a baby is ‘The oil should be edible’.

Baby oil consists majorly of mineral oil which is the last and the cheapest component of distillation of petroleum.Hence it is not an edible oil.My baby is not blessed with a skin immune to the ill effects of oils and hence I had a hard time selecting oil for him.The baby oil was a total NO.

Even edible oil was not of much help as his skin reacted with mustard oil and effect were same as baby oil.

The miracle oil which we are using till now is Virgin coconut oil.It is the best so far and has replaced many of my moisturizer as well along with the baby’s.I just love the effect of this oil on my skin.My skin is extremely dry and hence oil acts like water for my parched skin in winters.

Benefits of massaging virgin coconut oil on baby’s skin

Dryness seems to fade away, if your baby has a dry skin you should give this oil a try all you need to do is massage this oil in upward motion in hands and legs and circular motion in the tummy area leave the face and massage with finger tips on head.

Inculcating a sleeping habit -Just massage as mentioned above before you plan to take the baby to sleep at bedtime.Massage increases the blood circulation and soothes the baby muscles which makes them feel sleepy.And also massage on regular basis will send a message to the brain that its sleep time over a period of time.

Massaging your baby with coconut oil helps in healing of the bruises faster.As the baby grows and becomes more mobile bruises and wounds also become common, applying coconut oil on daily or regular basis heals the bruises faster.Also this oil is considered anti microbial and acts as a good antiseptic.

Other than that virgin coconut oil when applied on hair and head of baby prevents cradle cap and also keeps hair healthy and shiny.If you don’t wish to keep it for a longer duration apply oil on baby hair few hours before washing the baby’s head but make sure you do it before every head wash.

It works as an amazing nappy rash cream as well because of its anti microbial and antiseptic properties.

Lastly virgin coconut oil is a great aid for the sore nipples.All you need to do is rub a little amount of this oil in and around nipple and areola.try to alternate breast while feeding so that it stays on for a longer durations and heals better.


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  1. I truly resonate with the fact that baby oil for massage should be edible as that is with least chemicals. I used olive oil for my son and that worked great for him. I am sure even coconut oil would be safe as its edible.

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