Does walker really aid in walking ….As a parent all we want is anything we offer to our baby should not cause any danger.Everyone wonders why  I haven’t bought a baby walker yet ,when I consider buying stuff for my baby as priority.There has been many reasons for me not opting for a walker.Walker does seem like a convenient way of keeping my baby busy but it does come with a cost(not the monetary )

1.When the baby gains mobility and starts walking with support the chances of him meeting with an accident when on walker increases three folds.Hence you can’t rather should not leave your baby unattended in a walker.

2.The walker doesn’t help in achieving the milestone.Yes contrary to the fact it does not. Your baby will start walking when he is ready physically and that completely depends on his speed of achieving milestones which comes naturally.Some baby start walking at 8 months and some at 14 months. Walker has nothing to do with it.

3.For the babies to walk they need to practice and strengthen their upper and lower leg muscles.walker makes their work easy and the desire to practice and strengthen the muscles takes a back seat.

4.Often the baby who are kept in walker skip their developmental milestone like crawling, standing on their own and walking with support and straight away start walking resulting in weak leg muscles.

5.Babies love walker no doubt about it as it makes their job a lot easier and that is what as a parent you want to but if something made easier has a long-term impact on the overall development of the child the short-term happiness should be ignored.

I never thought about all this honestly and was of this opinion that walkers are safe it was only when my baby was 9 months and I started considering one for him.It came to me as a shock a simple gadget that we consider an aid or a thing to play can be so risky and impart a long-term damage to the babies.This damage no wonder is not evident and very well ignored by all of us I guess.That is the reason walkers are so common and whereas a car seat which is a necessity is ignored completely.

Next time you browse for a walker and feel guilty consider some alternatives of walker like a play station table which your baby can drag make sure it has less mobility or for that matter no mobility.

The best will be taking your baby out to a park for some fresh air and walk.I know today it seems difficult with us working and busy lives that we have.but believe me no walker can beat the time you play with the little one his walkie game.If you do it even twice a week that is more than enough. Let your baby cruise freely at the house that builds confidence in them to walk on thier own.This is the time your baby needs supervision almost at all the active time as they can reach out to objects which were earlier out of their reach like a table ,shelf etc so consider baby proofing your house again rather toddler proofing your house.


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