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This is the first time I would be reviewing a personalised book. I never thought of going for a personalised book to be honest. Since we read a lot I thought it doesn’t make a difference.I recently got a personalised book from My Book Heroes for a honest book review. And I must say it has proved me wrong. It does make a difference. The joy on the little ones face says it all.

About My Book Heroes

My Book Heroes is a group of passionate people with strong backgrounds in Design, Writing, Technology, and Psychology.

The best thing about the team is that they are in a mission to empower children as early as possible to be the best version of themselves.

Books they offer

Currently they offer three titles for personalisation. Discover the courage/ determination /leader in you. I chose the leader one.

book review

Discover The Leader in You :Book Review

  • The book begins with a dragon tree introducing himself to Nirvaan and tells him four simple steps to become a leader.
  • Those simple steps are something even we as adult need to learn.
  • The rhyming sentences and the beautiful illustrations makes it all the more interesting.
  • I loved the part where Nirvaan is taught to introduce himself with a smile. When toddlers start their pre school socialising is one of the major concern.
  • This book teaches them how to make friends and not hesitate in introducing oneself.
  • The story of the book is pretty interesting and keeps the little one glued to know what will happen next. As they know its their story it keeps them excited and thrilled.
  • It talks about team work and skills we have and how to motivate others.
  • It takes the little ones into a journey of their own. Where they discover how to lead and handle difficult situation.
  • Books have a lot of impression on the little minds of the reader. Books about leadership, team work when introduced at a young age helps them gain more confidence and hone the skills.
  • All in all the book is a fun read for the little one and teaches the most important life skill in a fun way.

How to order the book

In few simple steps you can order the personalised book for your little ones.

Visit the website My Book Heroes

Click the option create the book

Choose the title


Create and personalised the book by choosing language , typing the first name of the child. Choose the gender and the hero.

Choose cover from the options

Add a personalised dedication for your child.

Proceed to make the payment.

You can avail a 10 % discount by using my promo code RBB10  which is an exclusive for my readers by clicking the link below

My Book Heroes :RBB

Have a great time reading to your little one and empowering the best in them.


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