Five effective ways to get relief from colic in babies

Colic pain is one of the most common reasons for new born and babies to cry inconsolably.While mostly it is believed that an underdeveloped gut is the reason for colic. It is mainly unexplained what causes colic in babies.But most of the babies goes through bouts of colic pain.This is one of the major reason for stress amongst the new parents. To see the baby cry inconsolably and not be able to do anything.

But thankfully there are few effective and very safe ways to get relief from colic pain.And guess what few of the remedies are quick too.

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1.Massage in bicycling motion

Put the baby on their back and bend their knees and move the legs in the bicycling motion. This will put a pressure on baby’s stomach and relieve the gas. Try this exercise once or twice a day. And few more times if the baby has acute colic.

2.The tiger in the tree hold

Hold the baby with their body resting in your arms and your arms around the tummy. The baby should have his back against your body and facing outward. clutching your arms. This puts a pressure in the tummy and soothes the baby at the same time.Take a walk till the baby calms down.This hold looks exactly like a tiger resting on a branch of tree.

3.Tummy time

Some of the exercises which has multiple benefits. when it comes to infants and babies tummy time has numerous benefits. Apart from strengthening the neck muscles . it helps greatly and reliving gas. And hence reduces colic in babies.

4.Skin to skin

A colicky baby needs to be held. And needs comfort , the best way to ensure that they get the comfort is skin to skin.It also helps the new mother in establishing a good supply. A father can bond with the baby with loads of skin to skin and also provide comfort.

5.Tummy roll on for colic


What to do when the baby cries and you try all the methods above everyday.Is there any quick and effective way to get instant relief?

Well guess what yes we do have an instant relief. call it the holy grail for colic pain.

Mother Sparsh Tummy roll on

The power of ayurveda and the goodness of age old tradition put together in a tummy roll on. It contains hing oil, fennel oil and is a combination of five natural oils.Hing oil has antiseptic and anti bacterial properties which help in reducing the acid reflux and constipation.Fennel oil helps in reducing colic as it has anti colic properties.It helps in reducing gas and bloating of stomach.

The tummy roll is free of chemical and 100% herbal hence safe to use on babies skin.

How to apply

Make the baby lie on the back and apply the roll on around the navel in circular motion.

For best results try the bicycling exercise as mentioned in point1. It give give instant relief to baby from colic.

I have been using the roll on from quite sometime and find it really effective for instant relief from colic.The launch of this product by mother sparsh has been a delight for me. I have been dealing with colic since a long time with my newborn baby.

For more details you can visit their website

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Mother Sparsh Tummy Roll On


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