Diaper Rashes : Change wipes not just diapers

Diaper rashes, one of the major concern for mothers with children during their diapering phase. I remember when Nirvaan was using diapers , I used to be worried all the time. I would change his diaper time to time so that it doesn’t cause rashes.

The common belief is that not using the diaper or changing the diaper at regular interval will prevent diaper rashes. But  ever wondered if there are other factors too.factors which we don’t consider important enough.

Ever wondered the wipes you are using can cause  rashes as well. Yes you read it right . Usually we don’t consider wipes to be the reason for  rashes.But there have been studies that prove that even the wipes can cause  rashes.

Some common chemicals used in the wipes can cause a lot of irritation that results in rashes.Sometimes even the cloth wipes can cause irritation and redness around bum area.. There are many reasons for it.. Not washed properly or dried properly being the major reasons.

As baby’s bottom is the most sensitive area and needs extra care always.Frequent urination and passing stool sometimes aggravate the irritability . New born are more prone . Hence maintaining hygiene is the most important thing to prevent it.


Noting down few of the tips you can follow to prevent diaper rashes

Change Diaper frequently every 2-3 hours

After every change leave the child diaper free for sometime. Let the area be air dried.

Moisture is one of the reason for it. Hence allow the area to be air dried in case  of cloth nappies as well.

Wash the cloth wipes properly and sun dry it.

Stop using the wipes with chemicals

Switch to water based wet wipes.

Why you should stop using wipes with chemicals

Most of the wipes available in the market are made up of chemicals. These chemicals causes irritation to baby’s soft skin. As a result  it causes rashes. Imagine wiping your baby’s mom sensitive part with chemicals.And remember we use wipes so that we don’t have to wash the baby’s bum with water.Hence those chemicals are there to stay.

Why switch to water based wet wipes

As I have mentioned earlier as well that even cloth wipes can cause rashes.And as a mother we never want to take chances when it comes to our baby.

Water based wipes are the best solution to prevent diaper rashes.My personal favourite is the water based wipes by Mother sparsh.It is India’s first water based wipes brand.

It is made of 98% water and made up of 100 % plant fabric which makes it totally nature friendly.

The fact that I love the most about it is ,its 100 % biodegradable and makes a better choice over cloth wipes as well.

So next time you see those rashes get rid of the wipes first and switch to Mother Sparsh baby wipes. in fact why wait when you know what is best for your baby.Just start using Mother Sparsh water based wipes from today itself.

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