Since last few months the front facing book shelf was in my list and I was constantly eating my husband’s head that N’s room need a book shelf and I need the front facing one.

We visited few shops and the cost was not fitting in our budget.So incidentally my husband’s office recently ordered a vault and guess what it came in a sturdy cardboard box. Overtime they get a cardboard box before throwing they will ask me if I need it to do something, they (office boys) asked me this time as well and Voila!!! all I could think off was book shelf.

How to make a Front facing book shelf

Materials required


Craft Board


Cutter blade


I got the cardboard of the desired size so could make a sturdy book shelf, if you are unable to get a sturdy cardboard then paste two pieces together (layer) to make it sturdy.

Let’s get started on how we made our book shelf.

  • Take two boards of same size.
  • Cut the first board into two halves diagonally.It will give you the two sides of the shelf.

  • Cut the other board into three pieces to make the steps.Measure and mark the centre of each piece and cut or fold it in such a way to make steps as shown in the pic.

  • Start with pasting to one side.

  • Paste all the steps using glue gun and then paste the other side.

  • While pasting make sure that you hold the pieces together for a while so that it sticks together well.
  • The shelf should look like steps.
  • Use the craft board to make shelves, it should be like stopper for the steps.

You can paste and cover the back but since the cardboard I have used is sturdy we just kept it with wall support.

Ref pic of the cardboard we have used

To be honest I dont have much pics of shelf while it was been made or step wise pics as we were not sure how it would turn out to be hence attaching pics of a smaller model I asked my hubby to make again for the blog.

And this is how our shelf look like

Please leave a comment below in case of any confusion or clarity and I shall be replying to it as soon as possible.

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  1. Wow!! The book shelf is so amazing. You are indeed very creative. Beautifully made. Thanks for the instructions and pictures .This will certainly help if I plan to make one. However I have serious doubts on my DIY skills.

  2. Wow that didn’t look like a DIY shelf at all.. Looked ready made. I always wanted such a book shelf but they were too expensive. I hope I can try this out

  3. Oh wow.. Another amazing DIY.. And can u believe such a bookshelf has been lying in my cart from the last so many months but always some other expenses surface and I always postpone buying it.. Thank u so so much for sharing it.. I am surely going to try making this with my dad who is a DIY lover too.. You are doing an amazing job.. i love your blog and all your DIYs…

  4. This is awesome, I have saved it and I think I know what will keep me busy this weekend. Absolutely loved it.

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