Following your child’s lead is no small deal requires a lot of search and work too.If you can’t get it you need to make it.So since sometime now I have been looking for multiple pieces puzzle for my son.His interest from farm and wild animals has switched to various construction vehicles and trucks and cars.

So while we were graduating from peg puzzles to multiple piece jigsaw puzzle I really wanted something that would interest him and invite him to solve it.Construction vehicles were the perfect solution because these days while travelling also he loves to spot front back hoe and excavator.

So let’s get started

Step 1

Search for the clipart online.I usually search for free clipart as I share these on my blog and hence prefer the free ones.

Step 2

Take colour print outs of the chosen pics

Step 3

Find a cardboard box

Step 4

Cut the cardboard box

Step 5

Paste the printout to the cut cardboard

Step 6

Turn the pasted cardboard and draw jigsaw as shown in the pic.You can make it two pieces or multiple the same way.

Step 7

Use cello tape to seal

Step 8

Watch your kids solve and enjoy

Similarly you can make jigsaw puzzles of anything that interests your child.I have been searching online for puzzles like these but got more animated ones than the real ones.And now since I have made it there is no looking back.This is an excellent vocabulary building activity as well.Once your kids love solving these puzzle try and introduce new objects and once they solve tell them what they have made.


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Priyadarshani is a banker by profession and mother to a 2 yr old.She loves spending time in designing activities for her son to make learning fun.DIY and crafting is something she loves doing and keeps her busy along with her son.This blog is her attempt to make learning fun and inspire the moms across the globe to do the same.
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23 thoughts on “DIY JIGSAW PUZZLES

  1. This is a very economical idea to make simple and multiple pieces. Jigsaw puzzles are best way to keep toddlers busy and entertained

  2. In the days before internet and printers I used to cut tear out pages from magazines and do the exact same thing. I am a big jigsaw puzzle freak. Now I am starting to see the same interest in my 2 year old too and you reminded me of this great DIY idea. Thanks!

  3. That’s such an easy way to make as many puzzles as we want on our own. I have been searching online for some affordable puzzles for my son from some time. This is really a nice idea and I am going to make so many of them now. Thank u so much for sharing.

  4. BabyT is nuts about puzzles these days. He masters one and wants another asap. He doesnt agree to do the old ones. Making them is so easy then I am going to give this a shot. easy on pockets too.

  5. Oh this is wonderful. You have given me two great ideas with one DIY for keeeping both of my kids busy. Can’t thank you enough for sharing this.

  6. I am a fan of your DIY projects. These are so interesting yet so simple. I would totally make these soon with and for my toddler.

  7. I was gonna say too much blank white spaces on that pic (which would make it extremely difficult if it were a 100 piece puzzle) but then saw its just meant to be 3 pieces which is totally fine.

    Have had so much fun with jigsaw when I was small.

  8. Loved the idea behind making Jigsaw for kids. Well, I am definitely doing to try this and check if my kids like it. Only thing is that I may want to do couple of them as I am sure doing one might bore, instead I would say we should do 2-3, strew them around and check if they can solve the puzzles πŸ™‚

  9. Wow, jigsaw puzzles are totally creative. This is one activity that i have tried when my daughter was about to go to school. We two really enjoyed playing it that time.

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