Nirvaan’s nursery is a DIY heaven, we have tried to do everything by ourself (mostly by N’s dad).BY the time N was almost 20 months old he started taking the kitchen utensils to his play area for cooking.He enjoyed cooking at his friend’s place with her toy kitchen set.That is when we realised we need to find an appropriate sized kitchen for him.In our search the lowest price quoted was 15000 in INR.That was way beyond our budget and we decided to make it on our own.So lot of research and material search happened and finally we decided to go for card board and craft board.

Meanwhile there was a scheduled visit to India which was extended for Me and N,while N’s dad was back.So the story goes like this N’s dad made him this kitchen as his Birthday surprise and this was N’s best gift (his excited and happy face said it all) .

Now lets get started with How to make it (fortunately this time I have the pics)

Materials Required

1.Card board boxes(fill the card board boxes with thermocol to make it more sturdy)

2.Craft Board


4.Steel bowl (for sink )

5.Liquid soap dispenser (empty)

6.CD (old) or market bought kitchen set

Step 1

I have used monitor/keyboard boxes filled with thermocol.

Cut the craft board into the shape of the slab as shown in the pic and cut a circle to fit the steel container to make a sink.Cut  smaller circle to fit the dispenser.Paste another craft board on to the back using glue gun.

Step 2

Cut and fix the craft board to make shelves.

Step 3.

Fix the Dispenser and the steel bowl.

Step 4

Cover the card board boxes as shown in the pic.

Step 5

Make the door using the craft board and stick used bottle cap as knob.

Step 6

To stick the door use cello tape or you can use a kitchen cloth (we have used a kitchen cloth as shown in the pic )

Step 7

Stick the gas stove and induction to the base of slab. You can use CD instead and stick it to the base slab.

Step 8

Make a chimney (optional , we got the net in the kitchen set and though of making the chimney)

Step 9

Hours of free play and a happy toddler.

This kitchen is N’s space if you ask him to make tea he will straight away go to his kitchen and make tea for us.

Its his happy place no matter how much I try to Potty train him but if you find the door shut and N talking to himself cooking ,I know what he is doing there.If I open and peep he would say ‘mumma you go and cook ,I am busy, please close the door’.

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  1. That’s a great idea and an amazing DIY..Thanks for sharing it, I have few extra pieces of cardboard from recent shifting. Will try one

  2. That looks awesome. Some great creativity I must say. Thought the process needs some work but the result is really great. It would be a treat for children for sure.

  3. This looks fantastic and so neatly done. I am sure this is super fun area for young kids to explore.

  4. Another amazing DIY.. I have tried few of your DIYs earlier and I must say I am totally impressed by your creativity👍

  5. This is by far the most creative DIY I have seen so far! It shows that it has been made so wonderfully, so neatly and love the attention to little details, like the chimney and colourful cabinet knobs! So cute. Saving this link for future use.

  6. OMG!!! This is genius!!! I couldn’t even make out first that its a DIY kitchen. I looked twice to confirm that its the red and yellow kitchen you’re talking about. wow! I am def showing this to Karan and attempting this at home. I don’t think it will turn out half as amazing as yours but your instructions are so detailed and well put, I have to give it a try! Thanks! I love the nursery pics btw! hats off!

  7. Oh my God Priyadarshini, you are so creative. You make such useful kinds of stuff. Actually, many times I like doing this kind of things but simply feel lazy to start. But you seem to be a pro.

  8. Your husband has made an amazing effort for the kid. Loved the pictures. Also the fact that you are encouraging kitchen play for your son is indicative of a gender bias free parenting

  9. Omg you are genius. This DIY is something else all together. Love how you used vibrant colours as well. Those details of the door knobs just make it look real.

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