DIY Seasons Busy Wrap/Mat

Before I start this post let me tell you few things that prompted me to do this DIY.

Unexplored Busy Book

I Love Felt craft and wanted to make a busy book even made one.Not that finished but it was ok.Then let me be very honest I was expecting the busy book to keep my baby busy and give me sometime but no mater how much I tried he would not try the book beyond 2-3 pages unassisted.

He would want me to sit with him and obviously the last pages were going unexplored that is when I decided to make something which would keep him busy worth my efforts.


Theme Based

Second reason for making this was themed learning, Making a whole busy book on a particular theme and then my little one would not explore it would have been a wastage of time for me.

So finally after much of thinking I decided to make a Busy Wrap.This I can make on the theme we would be  working on and this will be a  simple mat with one activity.


Materials Required

Felt Sheet (I have bought in meter and A4 both)

Velcro Dots

Glue Gun


Ribbon (Optional)

How To Make a seasons Busy Wrap

  • Cut the felt sheet in the desired size,I have cut mine as 22”*18”
  • Cut a round yellow felt sheet and orange as shown to make the sun at the centre of the mat.

  • Draw trees at the all four corners which would depict the four seasons of the year.
  • For summers I have made it simple green tree and for Spring,winters and autumn trees with branches.

  • Cut brown felt as trunk and branches.
  • Paste the felt tree to the mat as shown in the pic
  • Starting with summers,I have made apples for the tree , For spring flowers, for autumn falling leaves and for winter snow flakes.

  • For apples I have cut two pieces of red felt each.Stick them together and the green leaves with glue gun.The reason I have used two pieces for one apple is it will make it little stronger for constant sticking and pulling after the velcro is sticked.
  • Same for flowers two red felt pieces each and centre is a small round yellow.
  • Autumn leaves made with yellow and brown felt sticked together.
  • For snow flakes I Have used a cream coloured round felt as base and then sticked the white to give it an appearance of snow flake.
  • I have added one more item each for each season which signifies the seasons and is easy for the two year old to identify and relate with the seasons.

  •  I have decorated the border with a red ribbon which is completely optional
  • And since I call it a wrap I have glued the ribbon to tie.

To start with this activity keep all the stick on separate like keep summer fruits together and separate from spring flowers.Start telling your little ones about the seasons.You can read books as well.We love reading Out and about while doing this activity.

Next step will be free play where you let the little one explore the mat on their own.

It can be n excellent vocabulary activity and sorting things and objects as per the seasons.Right now we are just learning about the various seasons and learning what signifies the particular season.

The idea of keeping the sun at centre and seasons around it has been inspired from

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13 thoughts on “DIY Seasons Busy Wrap/Mat

  1. Your snowman is absolutely adorable! I really like your idea of creating a busy wrap rather than a book, much easier to carry around. And seasons is a great theme to explore too.

  2. This is a really great idea.. Will try it for sure as we are learning seasons these days.. Thanku for sharing

  3. I have always wondered how people go about making these busy books. But the idea of a busy mat is even cooler. Hope to try this out soon

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