My maternity leave ended when my baby was 6 months old, That is when we started with solid.Initially solids were all fun when my baby will look up to eating the puree.He simply enjoyed the puree offered and use to eat a jar full and three course meal along with expressed milk.Every thing was going on smooth and good till the time I took a break from work to join my husband overseas that meant me staying at home with my baby. That is when the whole thing started he started screaming while he was spoon fed and will refuse to be in high chair even in our meal time which he use to enjoy munching a finger food earlier.

I was completely at loss at his 9 month when all of this started and I had no clue what i should do.Sitting in the high chair meant screams wails and snatching and throwing stuff.He would make attempts to just throw the spoon, keep his mouth shut,attempt to puke.All this was something i never imagined a 9 months old can do and that is when i decided enough is enough i can’t go on worrying over this i need a solution and force feeding was completely out of question. I did a little research over internet asked few experienced mothers and came across the concept of baby led weaning.

So basically it means that you let the baby wean on his own. I never wanted to do that but since I had no other option and worrying and making calls , trying out different food and flavours  nothing was working out for us and hence we adopted the Baby Led Weaning. It has been 3 months since we started on the baby led weaning path and guess what we are doing quite well.Honestly my baby doesn’t eat much of solid still the maximum he takes is the milk.But he enjoys the dinning time and the food offered he still eats very less as compared to the puree he use to eat but considering at that time he was not fed milk on demand which is now being done he eats pretty well.His weight gain is constant and he charts in the range of healthy baby.

I know this is one of the major concern for mothers when the babies are growing and deciding on baby led weaning can actually be difficult for someone like me who constantly worries about the baby not eating well.This was not a choice made by me but i was forced by my baby into it and I am happily sticking to it.

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  1. As they grow, their taste buds also develop and they need variety. I usually keep a combination of homemade food what we eat and ready made baby food. Both my kiddos responded well to thus combination. It helped me in introducing them to our food and also not fussing when they have to eat ready made especially while traveling.

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