Welcome to the generation of google, by google I just don’t mean a curious generation but a whole lot of self-declared smart asses which I am one-off course, else i cant write about this genre so well. yes I am that lot of irritating over googled mother who thinks she can just steal the words out of doctors mouth and hats off to the doctors for being so patient and understanding the over googled crowd so well.

I remember my mother saying little knowledge is dangerous when I was young and l would shrug off thinking that’s not for me I do a good research. My pregnancy started with a good research as well. Thats good right to be aware of whats happening inside you and telling people  “Do you know the heart beat comes in this week? and now the finger must have formed ,my baby is exactly the size of brinjal right now. Oh great thats like a hell lot of knowledge!! i don’t know how many people dropped the idea of having a baby just because of me.

But anyways it is good to know but over doing definitely is not welcome but the problem is where to stop no one knows. If you think I am going to tell you where to stop then I am sorry I still over do it.the only thing that I started to help myself from getting carried away with the google effect was to read about actual people….yes thats where you get to know, leave your computer or phone for a while grab a good book may be. I didn’t read much though, all I did was socializing talking to people the information I got was much more practical and made me feel more comfortable.

I didn’t leave my research but a mix was good and healthy.This makes me realise that we are in much better position than our mothers but still there are many questions which google can’t answer the only way to get an answer  is”Maa can we talk “.

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