Once you become a parent there is always a battle within; the battle of wrong and right.You always want the right thing for your kid and make constant efforts for it, that is a responsible parenting but have you ever wondered that in your effort of putting across everything right to your kid are you somewhere curbing his right to know the world on his own, is our responsible parenting turning into a helicopter parenting.

I remember the days when my mother would leave me with other kids to play with strict instructions not to go far away and on the other hand some of my friends were only allowed to play in their porch although we lived in a campus but still they were not allowed to go out of their own porch.I was 8-9 year old then and I use to wonder why is aunty not leaving them to play away from home.Those aunties would take all the details in case their kids were left at my place to play; like what all you played, what did you eat? My mother never asked such things in detail she was ok with the fact that I ate, she would never go into details and would never even stop me if I wish to tell her the details.I never shared the policy of don’t tell my mom we did this with my friends but was always the one who was told not to share the details with their parents.

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Priyadarshani is a banker by profession and mother to a 2 yr old.She loves spending time in designing activities for her son to make learning fun.DIY and crafting is something she loves doing and keeps her busy along with her son.This blog is her attempt to make learning fun and inspire the moms across the globe to do the same.
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