Basically how to get ‘me time’ out when you are a stay at home mum.

Every kid is different and there are different ways they can be kept busy ,these are just my ways of keeping my baby busy for a longer time.

I just have one way to keep him busy and I  modify it to keep it interesting.My baby is 11 months now and is no less than Colombus when it comes to his exploring and discovering spree.It is just so difficult to keep him occupied as he will leave whatever he was playing within a while to explore something new.Toys mean mommy sitting and playing ,he simply refuses to play on  his own.The only thing that excites him and he doesn’t want his mom to be around is when he is exploring the cupboards,drawers ,laundry baskets and boxes.


So while child proofing our home , me and my husband decided to give away with the last drawers of our cupboard and dedicate a laundry basket which will always be accessible to the boy but we will make sure he thinks it is the usual laundry basket.

yes it can be called treasure hunting but my baby touch wood doesn’t seem to get bored with it.There are different ways I make the drawer for him.Let me tell you I am the kind of mom who would be around the kid even when I am having my me time.

So how do I make it interesting

Laundry Basket 

I keep some of my regular clothes and his soft toys in the laundry basket.I don’t show him or allure him to play with it.I simply let him discover the laundry basket by dropping few clothes into it when he is busy with something else.He loves to take out the clothes and soft toys out of it.Turns the laundry basket tries to get into it,come out of it try to throw the clothes again to some distance,tries to mop the floor by rubbing my clothes on to the floor.


I fill the drawers with knick knacks which are not his toys like empty tumblers,some stationery(just be careful while choosing stuff and make sure there is no choking hazard),some plastic bottles etc.He loves to take them out see what exactly it is.Off late i discovered that he has started to keep the things back as well, not to help me but to again throw it out.


Kitchen cupboards are his favourite ,I keep some spoons cups and bowls and he loves to take them out play with bangs them throw them shouts on them.

At times I fill the drawers with clothes and keep one of his tether in it.The moment he discovers the teether he starts blabbing keeping the teether in his mouth as if he found his long-lost friend and now he is not going to let him go.

And you guessed it right my me time ends up in me watching my baby play on his own.

Hope my ideas gives you the “ME TIME”and I am pretty sure you will end up doing the same that I do.Kids are different mommies are just the same 😉

I am currently on a DIY tresure box project which will be my future post some day if my baby loves it.





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  1. Laundry is really best to keep toddler busy… I engage him in that activity and he gives me some time to cook meals for my family…

  2. I can swear by laundry to keep my kids busy at home… folded laundry that needs to be put back into their respective places.. my kids love when they mess up the folded laundry 😛

  3. ‘ Toys means mommy sitting and playing ‘ I can totally relate to it. My kiddo too refuses to play alone :/

  4. Hehe, now days I’m keeping my toddler busy with colors pencil and picture books. Lovely post.

  5. “Kids are different, mommies are just the same” very well said. we want me time so badly but when we get that while our baby plays on his own, that time we get busy in taking pictures and videos. .:-)

  6. Oh my God wow. I just had a few Eureka moments reading this. You’ve given me a push to get going on my daily surprise box. If I can get 5 minutes out of this to take a shower then I am a happy woman. Mom, sorry. 😂😂

  7. My boy is now 15 months, his favorite area is Kitchen and Kitchen cupboards like his ‘jannat’ … anyway lovely post and good tips 🙂

  8. Loved all the ideas! I need to get creative to keep my toddler busy too. I am definitely going to borrow some of your ideas!

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