So finally that stage has arrived when I have to teach my toddler phonics. Believe me I was avoiding it and wanted the school to take it from me.But then someone was learning alphabets first before their sounds. So I had to jump in and start with phonics.

I know many of you would not agree with teaching phonics when you are not trained in it. But its simply my feeling that learning with the baby makes it more interesting for both. Now lets get started with how we started with our phonics journey .

Jolly Phonics


So as I have already mentioned that I have no formal training . One thing I was pretty sure from the beginning that I am not going to say the sounds instead make my son listen to it from a reliable source.

The most reliable source which I could find from my research was jolly phonics. I downloaded the app it costed me somewhere around 399INR.The application has all the sound groups.For the alternatives and tricky words you need to pay little extra. But since we have not reached that stage I skipped buying that.


Flash Cards


Now coming to how I wanted to teach my son. So I had two options going by sound groups curriculum or alphabet sounds. I chose alphabet sound to start with. Jolly Phonics has sound groups but I skipped that and will come to that when we start with blending.

To start with the alphabet sounds the first thing I wanted was to get a to z in lower case.I downloaded the Flashcards for that. Remember to download only lower case and make your toddler learn the sounds with the help of lower case.

I downloaded the flashcard from this amazing website

Lower case Flash Card

Check the website for more resources and colourful lowercase flashcards in case you don’t want to go for the black and white one.


Pin for Later

How to start

Now when you are ready with the prep work lets come to the main and the most important topic. How to start and present it to your toddler.

I tried introducing the sounds with object along with the flash cards. For example keeping an apple along with a flashcard, ball along with b flash card. But my son showed little interest in learning that ways and hence i switched the method.

I started introducing 3-5 sounds every week. It depends on the speed they can catch. Initially it will be little slow but as the start learning they will learn it real quick.

So for us it was 3-5 sounds per week plus the next week before introducing the new sounds we would revised the one already learnt everyday.

Now coming to the part of sounds I didn’t learn and then teach my son. Because of the simple fear of teaching him wrong. I wanted him to learn it fro the direct and correct source. So the application comes into picture now.

While I would show him the ‘a’ flashcard I would let the app say the sound for us.And once he would repeat after the app 5-6 times the sound. I would play the song. The app has songs which are catchy and helps the child learn the sound better. Also it is easy to make toddlers learn through rhymes and songs.

The app explains the action you should do while singing to make it more interesting.


Needless to say this but this is what is going to matter once your child has learnt all the sounds. Practice show them the flashcards or show them random letters everywhere keep on asking the sounds.


This method worked pretty well for my son and I hope it helps you getting started with phonics as well. More on phonics in my next upcoming posts, as we slowly learn more on it.

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  1. This is really interesting to do with toddlers on how they start in phonics. My friend needed this guide. Will share this to her.

  2. This looks very useful .I will share this phonucs guide with my cousin .She is a new mom and this would be very handy.

  3. We learnt phonics in a communication English class in engineering days. And now I have to teach it to my toddler!!! This is really helpful Priya!! Will definitely checkout this app!

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