Since the day my baby started crawling I have been on my toes stopping him is just not possible. The only thing I can do to baby proof my home is to sit with him and play. This was while playing i realised how babies get bored with old toys and are on a look out every time for new things. Well actually I cant afford to buy new toys everyday and don’t have the patience to hide the toys so that it fades away from the memory and is new when introduced again.

So ……..

There are few things that the baby likes and loves to move that’s the main thing baby needs to be on the move to perfect the skill of crawling.My baby did the army crawl for almost a month before he started the real crawl. Army crawl didn’t stop him from exploring he was equally active.The kind of toys which would keep your baby busy during the most active part of his days are the moving toys.Yes the toys need to move as well along with mumma 😉

I have shortlisted few toys which keeps my baby busy and he loves to just move along with these

  1. Balls

Babies at this stage have a special connection with the balls they just love playing.Plastic balls have been something which i have not given to my baby yet as he is teething and takes everything into his mouth literally everything.

These are washable balls which can be washed easily and are super light and hence doesn’t hurt the baby even if you play a little throw to mumma throw to baby game.


2. Battery operated toys

These are china made toy but I thought these were too interesting as babies at this stage responds to moving toys. These toys are battery operated and are touch sensitive. It dances around the house and changes direction if it touches an object or a wall. My baby loves moving behind it trying to catch it. It keeps the baby busy and active as it changes directions on its own.


3. Balls with beads

The balls like these make noise while rolled around and babies love to follow it. It has space in between as handle and can be held by babies while playing which gives babies a sort of independence while playing. My baby loves to bang it which i don’t let him. This one has been with him since the time he was like three months old. I use to just rattle it and he use to love the beads falling from one end to another, now that he has grown up he tries to that on his own.


4. The crawler

This one is by fisher price and is amazing as it runs away when touched. The sound of this toy is very soothing and is not high-pitched unlike the chinese toys. It keeps the baby engaged as baby tries to catch it and it runs away.


5. Push and Go

Well these are one of my favourites not only they are pocket friendly they keep the baby busy for a longer duration.These push and go comes in all shapes animal cars and are easily available at any other shops.


I pick these from billing Desk of baby shop where they are kept strategically to be picked .

The list is endless but so far these have been the most useful toys to keep the little crawler engaged for a longer duration.

P.S- Well the fierce crawlers not only loves to play with these but also gives them a good dose of bashing by banging them on the floor N number of times. And the best part is they survive phew!!!!!!!

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