Till last year dressing up was all we could do on janmasthami. But as N is growing up and being more inquisitive and aware. I thought its the right time to do the themed activities.The activities which would make him learn the relevance of the festivals and all about it.

This year for janmasthami I planned few activities which which would be fun and at the same time teach him about the festival.

Make a swing for Janmasthami

Making your own swing for the Bal gopal is the best thing about janmasthami. I remember as a child I used to be so excited to decorate the jhula along with my mother.So I decided that I will make a swing this year.

I have used a perfume box to make the swing you can use any box for the same.

Cover the box after cutting it in the shape of sofa with a red muslin cloth or felt.

Use cotton to make the cushion for the swing. I have used the small cushion which comes along with watches.

Tie both sides with ribbon and use a small stick to hang, I have used a small hanger.

Flash cards

I got these amazing three part montessori  cards in hindi from this website

Montessori Three part Card-

You can also download the gujrati version of the same cards if you wish to.

Story Telling

Since last few days I have been telling Nirvaan the story of little krishna and about janmasthami. This has created a lot of interest in him to know more about it.

Decorate the Flute

Buy a flute and let your toddler decorate it with the rakhi. I was not able to get a wooden flute and hence the plastic one and used the rakhis to decorate it.

Make a head gear (Mukut)

The adorable little krishna’s mukut is the most beautiful part of his ornaments.We have made a head gear with chart paper and cut another chart paper in the shape of more pankh . To decorate we have used old broken jewellery.

Make Sudarshan Chakra

Use foam sheets to make sudarshan chakra for your little one.

Make Bal Gopal Doll

This one is completely optional but making this was the most interesting part for me as I could make our bad gopal of the right size for the swing.

materials used

felt sheet

cotton to fill the doll

Neddle and sewing thread


How to make it 

Cut the purple felt in the shape of russian doll. Two pieces.

Join the two pieces by sewing it and fill it with cotton.

Cut black felt to make hair.

Yellow felt to make clothes.

Use buttons to decorate and make eye.

Make Vridavan for free play

We did this activity one day in advance because I knew it will get messy.

In a tray take some soil and pebbles.

Use some grass to cover it or flower.

Use figurines of cow, sheep etc.

Let your child enjoy the free play or you can use the setup to tell them stories about how krishna use to have fun. Take the animals for grazing just like krishna use to.

And this is how my krishna looked with all the DIY






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  1. how cute are they. I too made a crown for my Little Krishna out of chart paper and glitter foam papers. It turned out cute. Loved the jhula here.

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