Few things in life you should follow what your heart says rather than pondering about empowerment,marketing etc etc since last few days all I get to read over social media is debate over Karwa Chauth and how females should stop observing fast as it is silly and no ones life is lengthened by a silly fast.Few articles where about how oppressive karwa chauth is ,shows the female as weak over powered by men.Every one has a right to express their view but all this while i wondered why such a hue and cry about a festival which is more than just fasting.

Yes karwa chauth has been glamorised ,yes it has become a marketing gimmick so is diwali,holi, christmas and for that matter navratri.Then why so much of hue and cry and how does not fasting makes me more liberated ,more empowered.

I fast for my husband and so does he, so does his fasting for me makes him an oppressed male. He does it because he likes it and I do it because I like it.About the marketing part I don’t think there is any harm if it has been glamorised and makes the small vendors earn some money out of it.I see it as an opportunity encashed majorily by the local market.It lets the mehdni wala, bangles wala and similar local vendors earn.Regarding the ritual of females gathering and checking each others sari, gold and thali… we do the same when we meet otherwise for example when I go to parties We discuss dresses, watch , bags shoes and the holidays we went so how does this gathering is different from any other social gathering we attend.

I belong to a state where this festival is not celebrated and I have been born and brought up in that part of country where it is celebrated with all the pomp.So there was no compulsion to observe the fast but the beauty of the festival the spirit of the festival and the desire to pray for your loved one’s long life made me love this festival and observe it.

The debate over this festival makes no sense to me as I believe all the articles and debates asking women not to observe this fast in the name of empowerment are actually asking the females who are already empowered not to fast and an empowered woman doesn’t need an article to form an opinion as she  has her own.

A very happy Karwa Chauth  to all who are observing it with all the heart.

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