lets talk about DADDY!!


Yes lets talk about daddy they play a major role but yet are the most ignored part of the whole process be it pregnancy parenting they are just so ignored. Well i agree few just enjoy the ignored status and love to live in the times when it was just a females job to be pregnant and raise the kids. Lets talk about us lets talk about the generation we are into lets talk about the shift from my wife is pregnant to we are expecting……

This shift has not happened overnight it has happened overtime I am not saying that the older generation was not good at parenting but we have to agree on this that raising a baby was considered women’s job and the percentage of super daddies was less as compared to today.

so lets just talk about super daddies be of any generation and why are they ignored may be because they don’t take the physical pain. But still they do a lot more i guess starting from the day we get pregnant. The load of taking care is on them no matter how the day in the office was when they come back home they just can’t say no.All the fights seems so unjustified and they have to bow down no matter who is at fault, yet they are made to feel guilty for fighting and not apologising .

The cravings are all answered by the click click of the car and of course by the super daddy. They change their taste too my husband was fine till chinese cravings but once the south indian took over he had a hard time adjusting.Well my cravings were wacky too when the whole world said i will crave over chocolates i just wanted to have rasam for no reasons. I kept on thinking about the training days when in the canteen they had a separate south indian section where rasam and sambar were served daily.I tried my own googled version of rasam and it was all messed up just like my searches.

The tension over the bump getting bumped and saving the bump from the bumps on the roads.Yes they change their driving style completely for us just to make sure the bump is safe from the bumps.

The constant reminder to the lovely mommies of how prettier they look with the bump.How the glow is just so perfect and they never looked prettier than this.

I know we go through a lot on the D Day but one look on the daddies face and you get to know how nervous they are and how they wished the whole thing should have been easier than this, but still they give you all the pep talk possible just to make u feel better.

Then start the sleepless saga along with the mommy, they burp the baby, calm them, lull them to sleep.No one asks them to take rest and just after few days when they start the office the woes doubles with the work pressure and the night duty.

Way to go super daddies just remember your contribution is going to raise a baby who is going to be a gentleman or a super fine lady.

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