MATERNITY STYLE CHECK-Must Haves for the last Trimester

Maternity is the time when you least think of style and more of comfort.But can you afford to look shabby anytime of your life its a big no for me when comfort can come with style then why compromise. So here is a list of must haves for the style and comfort during the last trimester when wearing your normal clothes is just out of question and splurging on new ones seems like a wastage of money as you would think of reducing as soon as possible.But there is a good news what ever you invest in the last trimester will hold good till 6 months post partum as well. Isn’t that great… no that does’t mean you will remain the same or look pregnant even after 6 months all I mean is you can use them in a comfortably stylish way 😉

So lets get started with the shopping list

1.Maternity Pants

Ditching your jeans is painful but what if you get an equally stylish substitute . Buy some jeggings.Why some because you can buy couple of jeggings with the same money you bought a pair of jeans.

2. Palazzo

What better than a palazzo to hide you baby bump better when high waist (will require a lot of adjusting in between though ).


Yes you would need leggings as well even if you have couple of jeggings nothing can beat leggings when it comes to maternity wear.

4.Boy friend Shirt

Buy couple of boy friend shirts to pair either with leggings or simply wear them as dress. They look cool with canvas.

5.Maxi dress

Your maternity is incomplete if you don’t have maxi dresses in your wardrobe.Buy few for the dressy outings.Pair them with jewellery and stylish flats.Btw they make the bump more pretty.

6.Canvas shoes/ sneakers

Nothing can beat the comfort of sneakers during pregnancy when high heels seems like a distant dream just slip on canvas and renovate the style by simply pairing them with any attire but leave the palazzo please;)


Some chunky jewellery when you know you can’t afford to make it more stylish a simple kurti and legging will do wonders if you can add the magic of jewellery to it.


By shrug i don’t mean the usual short ones but the one which will be like an over coat but with slits.


Just buy anything be it tees or dress and stripes will make it amazing. Stock few stripes for the casual outing.


last but not the least don’t forget to wear your smile. You look amazing any which ways but smile just adds to the awesomeness.

Keep smiling and stylish.

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