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Montessori Inspired Activities :0-3 Months old

Welcome to the new series of blog post about montessori inspired activities. This series is going to grow with my children. One thing that I was sure when I conceived the second time around was this. I would start early and not regret why I didn’t do earlier. I will follow the child from beginning.

First month is all about you and baby. Don’t stress over activities.Breastfeeding, giving enough skin to skin is all that is required.First month the baby should be held and given comfort while crying.

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Montessori Inspired activities

Tummy Time

While mostly it is suggested to start tummy time from the day one. My baby never like the tummy time no matter what. Instead we did loads of skin to skin along with tummy time. Lying over me was the best way she could stay longer on her tummy.

While we started tummy time gradually from the second month onwards.

Keeping a high contrast book to grasp attention.

keeping on tummy while massage.

High contrast Books/Flash cards

You can get the free printable easily from net or else just use a white paper and lack marker/sketch to draw your own cards.

A single high contrast book is enough.I bought it from amazon and bought the cheapest one available.

hello lets go board book



There are many benefits of placing mirror in infant play area. But the most amazing benefit that I have come across with my little one is long hours of independent of play.

It helps them in exploring and having a view of the whole room. Infants love baby faces and what better than their own face.


Placing a mobile over head makes them work on their muscles and movement a lot. And the best part is you don’t have to spend much on the mobiles you can simply DIY as they outgrow these pretty fast.

Baby Gym

We don’t have a montessori gym but still I would recommend a play gym. It will be better if its a montessori one but the regular ones are as good. Reduce the number of toys hanging to just one or two. So that it won’t be over stimulating.

Talk Talk Talk

Babies love your voice talk as much as you can. May seem foolish but it has a lot of benefit in developing language at later stage in life. I usually tell my baby about the whole day apart from the mushy gibberish .


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