Babies are natural learner even if we don’t make an effort as a parent ,the babies will learn from their surrounding and by imitating elders.Montessori is nothing but a way to help the little curious minds answer their curiosity with lots of creativity and play.

“Play is the work of the child” -Maria Montessori

So how do you start a play based early learning for your child?

Follow your child – Yes its as simple as that, let your child take a lead.I will take my example and explain how to start.

Nirvaan started walking a day after his first birthday and started showing the interest in imitating the things I would do ;for example he would not let me mop the floor as he would cry and take the mop from me.I used to get frustrated and thought it is next to impossible to clean my house while he is around; totally unaware of the fact that he was trying to learn, how to do it.I stopped mopping while he would be awake and started doing it while he slept.Incidentally we bought a new mop and I mopped while he was awake; to my surprise he got the old one and started doing it.That is when I realised how fast the child learns from his surrounding.He is 14 months now and mops the floor in his own way everyday.Although it takes double the time for me now but that is worth the learning he is receiving.

Give your child the independence that is required to learn new skills

  • If the child is learning to crawl give enough space to the child to explore.
  • If you have a young toddler involve him in your day to day activities.

As a parent your role is to provide the right environment and the child will learn through that environment freely without any pressure of performance.

Understand and accept the pace with which the child is learning.It is important to accept the fact that every child is different and has their own speed of learning.Respect that and let the child learn on his/her own pace.

Always correcting the child is not right.Creativity is doing things differently.Your child might not be doing things the right way but definitely can do it in a different way give them the Independence and show them the way not the right way.

Set up the play area initially with the things that attracts your child’s attention and involves his interest like I started with mopping and play cooking.Gradually move to other sensory toys like stacking etc.

Let your child see and observe how to do things like washing dishes, stacking cubes.

Appreciate the effort made by the child.Being a motivator you can develop the confidence in the child which is required for the overall development.

Make efforts towards making your child independent from young age by encouraging them to eat by themselves, doing their chores by themselves.

The idea of montessori is to make a better individual .I am glad to have inculcate  such a learning based style of parenting in our lives.

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