Must Have Stationery for DIY Moms

I was not actually a DIY mom to be honest, but once I started there was no looking back from being a non crafty girl to DIY mom has been an amazing journey.The best part is when I see something and I feel like buying I first consider doing it myself.So it actually helps me being minimalist and stops the urge of going over the board on my toy buying spree.

I have a stationery box which has almost all the things I need for my DIY project.I try and use the available stuff for my projects.

Regular Stationery

1.Glue Gun

A must for almost all the project I do.If you have not invested in a glue gun I would highly recommend one.It completely eliminates the sewing from the projects.So anywhere where sewing is required simply use glue gun to paste things together.The finish will be as good as sewing minus the effort.


Its a basic requirement but I keep two yes one is a toddler friendly scissor which is not sharp to keep my baby occupied in case he feels like participating.

3. Fevicol

For paper craft I Use fevicol and also it is ingredients for many of my slime projects. As my baby doesn’t take things in his mouth I very much use fevicol for few of my non edible slime projects.


A must for the perfection.I have done many projects without using a scale but if you want a finished project which looks as good as the factory made one then you should keep a scale in hand.

5.Acrylic colours

Never used any other colours or sprays for my project just acrylic colours mixed with fevicol is good enough for me.Colours brighten up the project and fevicol fasten the colours to the surface better.

6.Cello Tape

This has become my solution for laminating things where the lamination sheets won’t work.Like for e.g..I have to stick something to the card board cello tape comes handy .Like recently I used the same for making feeder for the catterpillar in our ‘The very Hungry Caterpillar’ project.

7.Double sided tape

For sicking things to the wall where cello tape will not be strong enough and i don’t wish to drill. So basically for a temporary project.

8.Velcro Dots

You can opt for simple velcro but I prefer the velcro dots as they have glue which is pretty strong.Velcro dots is something I use regularly for puzzles and busy books.

9. Office knife/ paper knife

Comes really handy while using cardboard.

Project Specific Stationery

1, Pom Pom balls

If you have a toddler and you wish to do loads of activities then buy these for sure. It can be used in multiple projects.


If you don’t wish to buy pom pom balls simply buy yarn in different colours and make your own pom pom balls.

3.Felt sheet

I am a crazy felt sheet crafter, My brain is programmed now to think of DIY only using felt that is the love I have for this.If you are a DIY mom and buy these felt sheets in A4. And also in meter if you wish to make mats.

4.Foam sheets

Again something which comes after felt, so many projects can be done with foam and it is the second best option after felt.

5.Card Board

One of the best alternative for wood and the best part is it comes free. Or may be we just pay for it in the costing of the things we order.But still its something which can be reused and is the cheapest available craft material.

6.Lamination sheet

I don’t own a lamination machine I use a trick which I have learnt from a fellow mother from a FB group.Put the page to be laminated inside the lamination sheet and insert the same inside a pillow cover.Run the hot iron over the pillow cover.And you have a laminated sheet for your project ready.


For making decorative items for my home I use rope in different colours.

Some Minor stationery Items

1.Googly eyes


3.Chart paper



Non stationery /Household must have for toddler activities

1.Food Colour (for  colouring the projects like play dough, rainbow rice, slime etc)

2.All purpose flour (for project like play dough)

3.Corn Starch ( my fav I can do N number of activities with this one ingredient fav being Slime)

4. Sand

5. Shells


My DIY revolves around these items majorily.If you love DIY or wish to start then my suggestion is to start with the basic and stick to the regular stationery list I have mentioned.Slowly as you move on making different projects you can buy the project specific items accordingly.

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Priyadarshani is a banker by profession and mother to a 2 yr old.She loves spending time in designing activities for her son to make learning fun.DIY and crafting is something she loves doing and keeps her busy along with her son.This blog is her attempt to make learning fun and inspire the moms across the globe to do the same.
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17 thoughts on “Must Have Stationery for DIY Moms

  1. The list is too good and I feel I’m definitely going to buy them all! You never know when it might come handy, despite me not being v crafty!
    As a kid I had this all, my craft was my hobby!

  2. I love doing DiY. Just that nowadays, I don’t get time. These are the essentials for any diy. I agree, when we do it by ourselves,it can be cost effective and we can add our own personal touches to it.

  3. I have taken a screenshot as I know I am going forget it especially when I really need it. After all we moms are the ones making most of the projects especially for the little ones.

  4. I really miss my school days when I had all these things in my bag..! Now I love doing this with my cousins, making sure I don’t miss anything from the list…

  5. The first paragraphs took me over.. I was like if a non diy person can do this I must give it a try… shall stalk some of the above, I already have a lot… shall put it to right use

  6. I love DIY and crafts, however, I had been procrastinating n doing few things since forever. I am going to save this list and buy the items missing in my DIY box 🙂

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