If you are wondering why the whole world is talking about organic cotton when it comes to new born Then you have landed at the right spot. This blog is the part of the series blog, I would be writing about the organic cotton in India and the best option available.

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Why Organic Cotton ?

Being a mom second time around did come little easy with the right products to buy. I knew exactly what I would be buying for my little one. And organic cotton topped the list.

While you might just debate why organic and why not just cotton. Well ! organic cotton is grown in soil  which is free from pesticides and insecticides and also the plant grown is free from any kind of fertiliser. This means the cotton crops grown labelled organic are 100% natural with zero trace of fertilisers.

Clothes comes in direct contact of the skin for the longest of time and with babies there is no exception. In fact babies are covered head to toe almost all the time.

The conventional cotton used for making most of the pure cotton clothing these days are Genetically Modified. The production involves use of pesticides and insecticides in huge quantity. Which is not washed off and ultimately stays with all the cotton clothes.

The most common reason for babies skin conditions line eczema and other common skin conditions is said to be use of clothing which is harsh. The conventional cotton is the harshest because of the the amount of fertilisers used.

Organic cotton for babies /kids

That soft and gentle skin, when you touch your baby for the first time.When I touched my babies I made a promise that I will make an informed decision regarding everything for them. Anything that touches them has to be the best.

The clothes bought were washed thoroughly before they wore it.And i was aware the regular machine wash cannot wash away the pesticides that has seeped into the cotton clothing.The organic cotton clothing comes in the same price range as conventional cotton clothes. Still due to lack of awareness parents buy normal cotton instead of organic cotton.

It is chemical free and far more durable than the conventional cotton and hence cost effective.

The fact that it is chemical free makes it soft and doesn’t cause irritation to baby’s soft skin.

Apart from being the best for our kids it is best for the environment as well.


Organic cotton in India

organic cotton

While I write this only things that rings a bell is Khadi. From being a country where the cotton existed in the purest of its form and almost revolutionised the whole world with its simplicity. To a struggle to find brands which sell organic cotton we have come a long way. But not in the good sense right. As I mentioned most of the cotton used these days is Genetically Modified. And just for the clarity the label which says pure cotton doesn’t mean organic.

Now you know that the clothing we have been proudly adoring as pure cotton made in India is actually full of chemicals and fertilisers.

But thankfully there are brands like Berry Tree India selling 100% organic cotton at best prices.

Why Switch to organic Cotton ?

While I have discussed all the possible reasons why you should switch to organic cotton instead of just cotton. One of the major concern which still lies with us  I mean moms is to find the place which sells it. Online shopping has been a boon esp for moms. Nothing like getting the best delivered to your doorsteps.Getting organic cotton clothing has become so much easier. You can now shop online for organic cotton clothing in India . All you need to do is find the right shop. Thats why I call social media a boon. I recently discovered Berry Tree India through Instagram and believe me I am amazed with their collection. All you need to do is visit their website and start ordering the soft organic cotton clothing for your babies at the best price.


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