Trying a baby oil for my baby was just out of question since the last his skin reacted badly to Jhonson’s baby oil.Since then I have been using Virgin Coconut oil.But then at times you just feel like giving a change, blame it to my habit of browsing the baby product section in the hyper market. Every time I visit a Hyper market I make it a point to check the products out of curiosity.While I was answering to one of my curious window shopping urge I accidentally laid my hands on Palmer’s Cocoa Butter formula baby Oil.I was not much interested in trying a baby oil for the above mentioned reason.But this had something which caught my attention ,unlike the belief it is mineral oil free.Most of the baby oil available over the counter are mineral oil.

Once it caught my attention I wanted to be sure before Investing my money into a baby oil which was not that urgent at that moment. I didn’t want to go for a compulsive purchase.

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