Diaper rash is one of the most common rash and happens to almost all the babies even if you are using cloth diaper ,still your baby is prone to diaper rash.Keeping your babies bum area dry in the night time is not always possible specially in winters and hence it becomes common in babies to have diaper rash in an around their anal area.

I have used many other diaper rash cream available in the market before settling on Sebamed’s.

About the Brand

Sebamed is a brand of Sebapharma which is a German based company.Sebamed makes skin care products with pH of 5.5 to maintain the skin’s natural barrier.

About The Sebamed Diaper rash cream

It claims to

Promote the development of the skin’s protective acid mantle.

Titanium dioxide protects skin against harmful contact with excrements.

Highly protective lipid formula with skin related lecithin and squalane.

Pantheon stimulated the healing process.

My review

Due to the pH 5.5 it doesn’t disturb the pH of the acid mantle of the skin.Acid mantle acts as barrier for our skin and protects against bacteria.Since the product has a pH of 5.5 which is one of the major reason for this product to work so well with the baby skin.

Diaper rash occurs due to contact of excrement with skin for a longer time.This cream acts a barrier and saves the skin.But still even if you have applied cream to baby’s bottom check the diaper and change as soon as possible after a poop.

I have been using this cream since a long time and my baby never had diaper rash.I don’t apply this cream to my baby on a daily basis but yes on days when he has to wear diaper for the whole day I apply  this cream to his bum area and also around the anal opening to prevent rash.

My baby has had slight rashes in the beginning ,other creams that I used took time in healing but this cream started showing results from the first application itself.

I have applied to other rashes that my baby had on his thigh area and it did wonders .The rash started disappearing from the first night of application.

It has become one of the permanent toiletries of my baby’s diaper bag.Although it is on the expensive side much more expensive than the other diaper rash cream available across the counters ,but the results are beyond comparison and as I mentioned in my earlier review as well baby’s skin need little extra care and hence shelling out a little extra makes sense if the product is really good.


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