Seasons Play Dough Mat -Free Printable

We have started learning about seasons and to keep it simple and exciting I planned a play dough activity with N which he thoroughly enjoyed.

I have made these printable which can be made play dough mats for unlimited fun play dough sessions.

Materials Required

Play dough Mats

Play dough

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How to make Play dough Mats

1.Take a print ofย Seasons Play Dough Mat

2.Laminate the printables.

And your Play mats are ready.

How to introduce it to a toddler

Free Play

Let them explore and play on their own.This way they will try to get more innovative and creative.


Place the mats one by one and ask them what it is ?

Name all the seasons along with the characteristics.

“Summers are hot and sunny”, This is sun.

“Winters are cold and we see snowfall”.This is a snowman.

Like this help them identify.

Recall and play

The last step is to show them the mats and ask them to identify on their own.

What is this? Sun. Its sunny in summers lets make sun.

What is this ?Rainbow.What all colours do you see in rainbow? Let them recall and whatever colours they can recall let them make a rainbow with that play dough.

So far this has been the most effective way to make N learn about seasons.When we go out and its sunny he will immediately say ‘Its sunny mama it is summer”. And similarly cap for him means winters.

Other Benefits of Play Dough

Play dough is a great way to exercise the pre writing skills.Kneading play dough strengthens the muscles and also making snakes which we made for the rainbow is an excellent holding practice.Pressing the Play dough on to make sun rays helps in concentrating.

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22 thoughts on “Seasons Play Dough Mat -Free Printable

  1. Yet another brilliant DIY Priya! Love the concept of seasons taught so innovatively; as well as the idea of laminated sheets which can easily be reused any number of times.
    Question: DO you have a laminator at home? If yes, can you recommend the brand and approx price?

    1. Thanks so much Sejal.. No I don’t have a laminator at home till now…i am laminating using the iron hack its working fine…placing the sheet in between the laminating sheet and put it inside a pillow cover and iron it well

  2. Play dough is one activity which I feel has no age limit. My daughter is almost 9 years old now and still enjoys play dough. I am 38 and I join my daughter in playdough activity whenever I am stressed. It helps release negative energies. Apart from developing fine motor skills, cognitive skills etc etc, it’s just pure fun.

  3. I simply love the way to present each and every activity. This is a fun way to teach them.

  4. We have been enjoying a lot with play doughs but I was actually out of ideas on what more to do with them. Your post has sorted my problem. Lovely and innovative as always.

  5. That’s another great idea to keep the toddlers occupied with play dough and teach them about seasons too.. Thank you again for sharing…

  6. This looks like so much fun. I have a hunch that my toddler would absolutely love this. I am sure we both will enjoy making these.

  7. I am glad to have come across this post. My daughter is into play dough and she gets bored with it quickly. While I keep her occupied with many ideas, I too run out of ideas after a while. These laminated printouts are the best idea and can be reused.

  8. This dough Mat-free printable for kids is quite amazing. It seemsto have great benefits. Glad to see some new way to keep kids engaged. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  9. My elder one played a lot with dough. This idea of play mats sounds amazing and I think I am surely goign to use them when I introduce my younger one to dough/clay

  10. Play dough is so much fun for kids. My daughter loves play dough. Never thought of such activities. Good one.

  11. My daughter is 7 and still a big fan of play dough! She loves to make play dough doll dresses. These are some fun DIY ideas!

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