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One product that stays with the baby skin for the longest of time is baby lotion.Making a right and informed choice is a must.When motherhood happened to me the second time around. It came with a lots of advantages. Like the products were tried and tested and the best was chosen.

With my son I have been confused tried many products before I settled with Sebamed Baby lotion.He is 3 and its been almost 2 plus years we are using the lotion.

Now coming to my daughter I wanted a product that we can use from the day one. A new born skin is way too sensitive than a toddler skin. Leaving a new born skin unmosturised is also not possible. The newborn skin tends to dry out and is prone to eczema.I did a little research to choose the best for my new born.

Save for later

Ph is important

Ph is an important factor and any product that we use on skin should maintain the ph. The ph of healthy skin is 5-5.5. But the new born skin is little more alkaline and has a ph of 7. It takes almost 3 months for the babies to develop the normal skin ph of 5.5

All the sebamed products have the ph value of 5.5, which develops a mantle of protection over the skin and maintains the ph of the skin.

Check the ingredients

The sebamed baby lotion moisturises and supports the skin hydrobalance. It is mild and completely safe to use from the day one.It contains chamomile and allantoin which soothes irritation and makes the skin soft and smooth.

Sebamed Baby Lotion is free from Paraffin/ Silicon oil/ Parabens/ Propylene glycol/ Dioxan.

I had a bad experience with my son where as a new born I used one of the popular baby products. But my son developed bad rashes. I realised the products were not mild enough as claimed.

Always check the ingredients list and see that they are free from harmful chemicals.

Make an informed choice

In todays time when the internet is filled with all sorts of information, making a decision on the basis of google is just not possible. I wanted to take an informed decision and checked the website before I bought the products for my daughter.

Sebamed is a German Brand with 50 yrs of experience. Its pioneer when it comes to skin products and is highly recommended by dermatologists.Not just in India but all over the world.

Our experience

Coming to my experience with the product. As I mentioned I have been using the sebamed products with my son since last two years. I am really satisfied with the products.

Coming to my daughter who is 5 months old and I have been using the Sebamed products since day one with her.

I apply the lotion all over the body after she takes a bath. It keeps her skin hydrated, soft and supple.

She has not developed any kind of rashes and her skin feels healthy and soft.

I also use the lotion before her bedtime to gently massage her skin before she goes off to sleep.

The right protection from day one

If you are in search of skin care products for your newborn and babies I would highly recommend Baby Sebamed products from my personal experience of using these products since last 2 years and also using it since day one from last 5 months.

To know more about the products check their website





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