Morning sickness should be named sickness just sickness there is no connection between morning and sickness you feel during the first trimester of your pregnancy. it can happen anytime just anytime.when I was in the first trimester of my pregnancy i didn’t feel anything in the beginning and I thought I am one of those lucky few. But eventually it all started in the evening when I was all tired and exhausted from the days work.I started to abhor anything or everything related to food. even the slightest smell of cooking would make me feel sick anywhere.I skipped cooking and that was completely taken over by maid.all I could do was sleep smelling the lemon while my maid would cook keeping all the windows open and chimney running at full speed.Eating seemed like a torture I completely lost interest and started asking people when would the phase of craving come, as i don’t think this phase is going to ever end.

This phase is something which happens with almost everyone in a different way. there is no escape the only thing you can do is eat and puke.dont think of skipping meal eat whatever you feel like don’t think about the foetus weight and stuff at this stage eat whatever you feel like. The more you eat the less you puke, you might feel like but you wont puke. yes that’s true the less you eat the more you puke.

The worst part was I was not allowed to tell anyone I was pregnant at my office and I was sick all the time. people made wild guesses tried asking the other way round but never asked on my face.When after my sickness phase was finally over and I had to declare there were so many exclamatory voices “I told you she is pregnant”.

Here are few of the tips  to survive the morning sickness

1.Do not skip meal Skipping meal means an empty stomach, an empty stomach means the urge to puke.

Morning sickness is actually our way of the body to adjust to the changes happening inside where our body makes space for the new one.

2.Don’t concentrate on eating healthy as of now but avoid too much of junk that again leads to nausea.

3.Eat at regular interval don’t give your stomach time to prepare for nausea just keep it busy with food.

4.Drink water and lots of water.

5.Take rest

It’s just a phase and shall pass so just keep your mind busy watch some good movies if you feel like being at home all the time, else just keep yourself busy by meeting close ones and breaking the news to them.


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