The time N reached the two mark I was on a mission to introduce him to the writing skills, but I was missing out on one major skill that needs honing before the child grabs that pencil and starts with those lines on the paper.Lets talk about how we can help our child hone that major skill with different activities in this post.Here is the list of  ten pre writing skills you should do with your toddler.

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1.Tweezer and Tongs

The simple fine motor activity helps in great  hand and eye coordination and better hand control.

Draw simle patterns on paper and put some buttons or pulses (Rajma-kidney beans is perfect for this activity). Ask the child to pick the pulses with the help of tweezer and put on the paper as per the pattern.


Buy a toddler friendly scissors and hand your toddler some piece of paper. Let them cut and hone the cutting skills before  giving them the challenging task of cutting in patterns. So this is what happens to the newspapers at my home.

3.Chunky Crayons

One of the best way to get that grip right is to let them use chunky crayons.It helps them in better grip and they are able to scribble better.Give them loads and loads of colouring books.

4.Paint brushes

We do this activity n number of times for Nirvaan’s love for painting and its a great pre writing activity too.

5.Q tip painting

Draw some patterns on the paper and let your toddler paint the pattern with a Q tip and some home made colours.

6.Finger Painting

Almost in the same lines with Q tip painting another activity is finger painting using the paint and fingers ask your toddler to draw patterns or trace it.

7.Buttons and glue stick

Draw few lines on the paper and ask your toddler to stick buttons on the lines. We have done some crafts on sticking activity.


Introduce stencil drawing to your toddler,dont expect perfection let them draw. I usually use the objects available for stencil activity like a small bowl to draw circle or his shapes puzzle pieces to draw various shapes.

9.Brushing teeth

Yes it helps them in honing pre writing skills and get that hand coordination right.Let them brush their own teeth and sometimes others 😉.

10. Tracing on sand /salt Tray

The last activity in the list is a common pre writing activity and for us it is stage II.After we are done with all the activities listed above we will graduate to this activity.

But still N while playing with sand likes to draw be it at the beach or at home. I have not yet started with alphabet tracing but we still do a lot of scribling on sand.


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  1. Liked how you came up with so many option with things we can find at home. With kids, we don’t have to buy fancy all the time. Thanks for the ideas. I will be borrowing a couple for my little one:-)
    He loved to paint and sometimes we do painting with paper towel roll. He loves it as he can work independently.

  2. As per my experience, such kind of Pre writing activities are very important for kids to master the writing skills. That’s really a nice and helpful list of activities.

  3. It’s so true, that’s kids back in the day as well nowadays are truly happy learning from the simplest of things. A good article to help moms.

  4. Fine motor skills are very important to develop right pincer grip. Loved your ideas. My daughter did all of this in her Montessori preschool. Thanks for simplifying these ideas.

  5. My preschooler is starting big school soon where he will be expected to have a good grip on crayons. I really liked the rajma sticking and buttons. We already do a lot of cutting n painting but these were new

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