So the first printable bundle of the year is here for you to grab.We had a fun january reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle and N loved doing all the activities.We are still working on recognising numbers and clipping clothespin .

I have chosen this book as the book of the month and have done many activities the whole month.The activities have been documented on my Instagram.The reason why we love this books are many and few of the things that make us love this book more are

  1. Story book for little ones .
  2. learn about fruit and junk for young toddlers .
  3. Counting for young toddlers .
  4. Days of the week for older toddlers .
  5. life cycle of the butterfly for older toddlers .
  6. One book and so many learning aspects and can be kept in your library for good 5 yrs


So lets get started with how we did these activities and with the printable for my lovely readers to grab.

Activity I

Feeding the Hungry Caterpillar

Materials Required

  1. A cardboard Box
  2. A wrapping paper
  3. Cardboard cut into pieces as per the shape of printables
  4. Cello Tape
  5. Scissor
  6. Printer
  7. And the printables

How to do it

Cover the cardboard box with wrapping paper

Cover in such away that you can still open it and take the feeders out.

I have used a small Amazon box and left the opened side unwrapped.

Paste the caterpillar (from the printable) on one side and make a cut for the feeder to pass at the mouth of the caterpillar.

Paste the feeder on the cut cardboard pieces and laminate using a cello tape.

Arrange the feeder in sequence for the young toddlers and in no order for older kids.

Read the book let them grab the food item you read out loud and feed it to the caterpillar.

Click here to download the printable

Activity II & III

Click here to download the printable

Story Sequencing and Lacing

Materials Required

  1. Lamination sheet /Printer (I laminate without a printer using hot iron)
  2. Printer
  3. Printables
  4. Punching machine for Lacing Activity
  5. Green Pipe Cleaner

The Reason why I clubbed the activity is because I have used the same printable print for both the activity

How to do it

Take a print and cut the printables.

I have Cut the fruits as it appears in the book not into single pieces but you can cut it any which way you think your little one would be able to enjoy it.

Activity II

Read the book and let your little one sequence it by placing the printable over the book.And for young reader ,take an A4 sheet write the days of the week and let them put the printables as per the days of the week.
Put the printables in no order and play a memory game without the book. Once they are done sequencing read together.
Take an A4 sheet and write one to five and let them keep the printables as you read the story. It’s a simple counting activity

Activity III

Punch through the printable and while you read the story let the little one use the green pipe cleaner as caterpillar and lace through the printable as the story progress.Lacing is an excellent fine motor activity which strengthens dexterity and hand and eye cordination and also a great excercise for pincer grip.

Activity IV

Click here to download the printable

Materials Required

  1. Lamination sheet /Printer
  2. Scissors
  3. Clothspin

How to do it

Print and laminate the printable.

Cut it into cards.

N is 2 yrs old so we are just doing counting till 5 ,you can use the printable for counting till 10.

First read the story and then do the counting activity.

This is an excellent way to introduce them to counting and also enable them to recognise number in a fun way.

The very Hungry Caterpillar Activity Bundle

Feeding Activity 

Sequencing and Lacing

Counting Clips

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  1. This is great Priyadarshani. Hungry Caterpillar was one of my daughter’s favorite books. I am going to introduce it to my son now. Once he is little old, we will so these activities

  2. This book was a rage with my older kid ! She loved the book so much that I had to buy a new one, before she let go of my library copy. But adding a twist to it and making so many activities out of it is super fun!

  3. Kids will definitely love to story books like this which involves activity that raise interest. Love that they have include so many colours in these activities.

  4. Wow Priyadarshani! What a lovely activity to do with kids. My son loves doing art and craft work and I am sure he’s going to enjoy this. We live in the UK so the teaching pattern is different here. He loves doing artwork at school as well as home. I am really excited to follow your blog post and each step you mentioned here to engage my child . I will share photos with you when we complete this project. Its a great way to keep kids engaged. My son’s teacher would be thrilled to see this too.

    Ash | http://www.mstantrum.com

  5. So lovely diy activity. I love DIY and my girl also does the same. I have seen this on your Instagram. This is such lovely activity and I will surely work on this.

  6. Loved the hungry Caterpillar feeding box that you made out of cardboard! What a unique idea! Would love to try all!

  7. This is fantastic. We love the hungry caterpillar and all the many things it teaches us. I love the lacing activity and It would be so much fun to do this with babyT. I am going to do this for sure

  8. Hungry caterpillar is our favorite book too. I had never thought of this activity. Will definitely try this out. LittleD will enjoy for sure.

  9. I had tried reading this book to my N long back but he somehow never took interest in it. Maybe I should try again now that he’s older and I’m sure he will love these activities along with it

  10. We love the hungry caterpillar and other Eric Carle books.. n i would definitely try some of the activities that you sharef here.. it would be so much fun.

  11. Seems like they have awesome collection of activity books for toddlers and growing kids. Need to check out.

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