My experience of travel with my baby alone was clumsy but as everyone says experience makes you wise. I was pretty nervous while travelling alone as everyone’s concern was how will you relieve yourself but my concern was how will I handle him if he gets cranky thankfully he was in his most chirpy mode that day. But the concern people threw at me definetly came into picture. Now that I have travelled and done that I know how all the mothers who travel alone do it.I might be wrong but I don’t see anyone handling their baby to a stranger so that they can use the washroom, so we simply take the baby along with us. Mine was sleeping comfortably in his carrier while I was doing so.

While you travel alone there are people at both the legs of your travel who are much more worried and nervous than you are,So this person at the receiving leg who is our super daddy, who couldn’t make it to come and take us tries to make our trip the most comfortable by shedding some extra bucks and books a ticket in business class.This indeed was our first business class travel as well. So now we start the journey looking as confident as ever and since I believe in making the most of the extra money spent I searched for the lounge which was complimentary. After searching for a while  we finally found the lounge we clicked few selfies there for the memories and wanted to check in but the moment I realised the food is complimentary the baby also wanted to have his complimentary share and refused to feed anything other than his favourite. It was time for a new search the feeding room which was on the other side of the airport that is what I felt as I am bad at directions and it took me ages to look for one.

After that the feeding room was our lounge, Delhi airport has a nice feeding room with a cot ,diaper changing station and a comfortable sofa but its little too cramped and it’s not possible for two moms to be there at the same time.

We thought now that the baby was full and it was almost boarding time we will find the gate and stay there , we made it to the gate and started roaming around gently refusing the seats we were offered. I was carrying my baby’s push chair as it is allowed and not considered a luggage. they don’t even weigh it so it’s like free if you are travelling with a baby.It was hardly 10 mins since we left the feeding cum diaper changing area where I checked like for the ‘N’th of time if there was any major event down there since there were none I still changed his diaper for a comfortable 3-4 hours journey and guess what the moment the boarding started my baby was uncomfortable and when I checked it was a yes . so I left my push chair picked the baby and his diaper bag and rushed to the nearest washroom where there was no diaper changing area so we changed in a hurry and the best part was my anxiety was making my baby giggle, he giggled for no reason the whole time or may be he loved the bouncy run that we made.

The flight journey was very comfortable we had like both the seats as the seat next to us was not occupied. the baby slept for most of the time except when the pilot made the announcement and I suppose my baby didn’t like the accented voice announcing we at what level or may be it was just the discomfort of the flight descending he was fine after sometime. I was given the first seat and could hear the conversation the air hostess were having praising my baby for being such a lovely child who didn’t disturb me the whole while.

Indeed he didn’t disturb me and the whole journey was comfortable but still i have few recommendations if you are making your first trip alone with the baby

  1. Take his favourite toys along I know you must be wondering why take the extra in luggage but believe me seeing the known and usual things around helps fight the anxiety.
  2. Converse with the baby When you strike a conversation with your baby that comforts them and make them feel home. Spread some good vibes let the people around have some good time listening to meaningless chatter.
  3. Take a stroll around if the seat belt sign has been pulled off.Let the baby be comfortable and come out of the claustrophobia.
  4. Wear some comfortable clothes so that feeding the baby will be easier and make the baby wear some clothes like onesies so that changing diaper at crammed places like flight will be easier.
  5. Babies usually love to sleep make sure you ask for cushion from the flight attendants to keep the baby head secure from banging on the handle or sides.
  6. Keep your feeding cloak or scarf handy, while flying the best way to soothe the baby is by feeding and with not much of privacy feeding cloak becomes a necessity.
  7. Usually the flight people take care and make sure you are seated comfortably but still ask to be seated by the side of a lady or old couples. Not just the privacy but they generally love babies and babies they love some extra attention and new babble.
  8. Keep whatever is required like toys, feeding bottles in a bag and keep it right below your seat or the front seat, it is not possible to get up and get things from the cabinet now or then.
  9. While take off and landing babies feel the discomfort at times because of the altitude make sure you comfort the baby by either feeding them or keeping them as close to you as possible.Hugs are magical especially when it is with mamma.
  10. Take the help offered by others ,don’t hesitate.Enjoy the attention and care showered both by the co passengers and flight people.
  11. Keep your cool and try to enjoy as much as you can your vibes make the baby comfortable.
  12. Take loads of selfie for the memory.

Hope my tips and experience will help you make your journey comfortable. BON VOYAGE!!!

And if have already ‘been there done that’ please do share your experience in the comment bar below.

P.S- We travelled when my baby was 8 months old

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  1. I loved all the tips! And I agree that conversing with the baby keeps them calmed down and reassured.

  2. My first trip with Aarya Warts on a flight was alone. My Goodness. I was so scared but I remember there were these Gorgeous pigeons in Mysore airport that kept aar ya fascinated. My ewww moment was when while the plane was landing aar ya did potty. And it was so.smelly. I had to.rush him to.toilet to change before I exited the plane.

    Great points.. and I love all the points.

  3. I agree, traveling alone with a baby is challenging. I have gone through this phase couple of times when i traveled from USA to India. Little bit of planning and keeping in mind the points you have mentioned will make your journey easy.

    Useful post!!

  4. Travelling with a baby/kid always a testing task, I have been travelling with my daughter since she was 4 months old. It gets out of hands at times, thanks for the useful tips.

  5. These are great tips. I have travelled with the baby twice when he was 3 and 4 months old. now he is 8 months old and mobile, so im sure many things have to be prepared 🙂

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