One of the most important product that comes in the check list of baby Items is sensitive wipes.And mind you once you start using wipes, the relationship doesn’t end when the baby grows up. The wipes are going to stay with you for life. You are never going to switch those old fragrant wipes from your pre pregnancy days.

Being a mom second time around, I am more experienced and confident. While during my first I relied a lot on other’s opinion. This time around I had my own experiences.I wanted to choose the best of products available. And the choice of choosing the best can only come when you have tried those products.

A new born baby is the most delicate thing to handle. No matter its your first or second. I was still scared and over cautious of the products that touch my baby.While making a selection for products I wanted to choose the best wipes available in the market. And the product should stand by the claims it make.Sensitive, hypo-allergenic and chemical free.

I have listed the top five sensitive wipes available in India market.

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1.Mother Sparsh Unsented Wipes

One of the products that I have used with my new born and would highly recommend.Honestly from the day we started Mother Sparsh wipes we have stopped using other wipes.

These wipes are made up of medial grade fabric and are extra thick. Perfect for new born and infants with sensitive skin.Made up of 99% water, Mother Sparsh unseated wipes are extra gentle and safe.Free from harsh chemicals and being 100 % bio degradable Mother Sparsh Water wipes tops the chart.

Switching to these wipes have been the best decision ever. Its gentle on baby’s soft skin and also chemical free. These wipes are 99% water and hence doesn’t cause rashes . These are safe to use on the baby face as well.

These wipes are available on online portals like firstcry & amazon. For further details visit their website Mother Sparsh

2. Sebamed Baby Cleansing Wipes

The very reason that sebamed products maintain the ph of the skin makes it the second most loved product. .The wipes are alcohol and paraben free.The camomile and panthenol helps in soothing the baby’s itchy skin. It has a mild fragrance.

3.Pampers Fresh Clean Wipes

One of the products that I have used for my son was these wipes. These are dermatologically tested and hypo-allergenic.Free from paraben, Perfume and alcohol.

4.Mother Care All we know baby wipes

Mother care wipes are fragrance free.The wipes are moisturised with body lotion.Made up of natural extract of chamomile and aloe vera which protects the baby’s skin from rashes. These are mild and sensitive .

5.Libero Baby Wipes

The wipes are enriched with olive oil. Free from any colour and alcohol. These are made up of natural ingredients and soft for the bay skin.

These are few of the brands I have used and based on the criteria of mildness and sensitivity I have ranked them.We have been using Mother Sparsh since day 0 with my newborn daughter and till date we haven’t faced any issue.The wipes are thick and easy to use.But still I wanted to give my reader an idea about the other wipes available in the market and hence decided to write about the top five sensitive wipes available currently in India.Hope you find it useful and are able to make the best choice for your child.

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