Travelling with baby -Part II ‘its a holiday’

In my earlier blog post TIPS FOR TRAVELLING ALONE WITH BABY AND MY EXPERIENCE  I discussed about how to handle the baby when you are travelling alone. In this blog post lets discuss about travelling for a holiday with baby.Last trip was not a holiday but this time we went on a holiday to celebrate his first Birthday.

Booking the tickets

The plan was made in advance like 60 days in advance, we usually make our plan 90 days in advance but this time it was just 60 days.While booking the tickets we had few cheaper options like much cheaper options like Fly Dubai but this time we chose the expensive one,Reason not that we have loads of money but the baby.My baby is still breast feeding and flying means lot of anxiety and loads of feeding.So we just wanted him to be comfortable with more leg space and less claustrophobia.So we chose Emirates.The reason for choosing emirates was they give a bassinet seat. They affix a bassinet right in front of you for the baby to sleep.We travelled in the night and the travel time was almost 6 hours we thought it was the best option.

Our experience with emirates

The flight had 10 seats in a row and people with babies/toddler if booked prior were given the bassinet seat which is the middle row with 4 seats and near to emergency exit but not the next to the door seat.The leg space was enough even for my baby to go down and explore the stuff (magazines,safety instructions) kept in front.

The bassinet was fixed once the seat belt signs were off after take off, with the instructions to remove the baby from it once the seat belt signs are on.

One drawback that we faced was the bassinet was too small.My baby is 1-year-old and he didn’t fit comfortably.But still he slept in it for good 2 hours as it was night-time.

thumb_img_6161_1024The reason we chose Emirates and shelled some extra bucks was pretty much for a comfortable journey and indeed it was comfortable.But next time we travel my baby for sure will not fit into the bassinet.

Apart from that we got some freebies which both the baby and mummy loved and papa could only smile seeing the excitement on both the faces.

Travel buddies


Travel Kit


It consisted of baby lotion,baby wipes, one bib,one sheet for diaper change and few diaper disposable bags.

Emirates provides strollers at the Dubai Airport where we had a halt of almost 3 hours to catch our connecting flight.The strollers are free of cost and much handy as taking out your own stroller from the checked in luggage will mean wastage of time and you will miss out on exploring the duty free shops and off course the amazing airport.

Dubai Airport has nursery where you can feed the baby or make him sleep with privacy.

The essentials I carried were same since I travelled last with my baby.

Finally we reached our destination where we celebrated his 1st birthday.

The breath-taking beauty MALDIVES.

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