In continuation to my last post My Story-Breastfeeding and the sore nipples , I thought to share the ways I got rid of sore nipples and also got relief while breast feeding.

Sore nipples during the initial stage of breast feeding is very common and experienced by almost all ,I envy you if you are amongst the few who didn’t have to go through it ;).And if you are one of those fighting the battle just try the methods I used to get relief from the sore nipples and eventually mastered the skill of breast feeding along with my baby.

First and the most important thing to do is while breast feeding is to make your baby learn how to latch.When the baby is hungry he will get up and start feeding without properly latching to the breast.This causes abrasion of the nipples with the most hard surface of the mouth of the baby and hence they get sore.

If you feel the pain while breastfeeding that means the baby has not latched properly.Insert your fore finger from the side corners of the mouth of the baby and try to remove your breast by losing the grip of the baby.Never try to pull your breast away as it will leave you with more pain and abrasion.I did it once and it worsened the situation as my baby got cranky and my nipple was badly hurt.

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