So we have been working on the shelf on a regular basis now and N has started enjoying these shelfs a lot.He has been keeping himself busy on his own as well.This week I thought of discussing our Montessori shelf.


We keep four trays in our shelf

1.Practical Life Tray

2.Senorial Tray


4.Fine Motor Activity Tray

Practical Life Tray 


This week on this tray we have introduced scooping to N.Although he does more of mess and less of scooping.But still the first day wasn’t that bad he actually scooped and transferred the dal from one bowl to another.Now since it has been few days he has started scooping and then throwing it all around.Practical life activity is keeping me busy.

Sensorial Tray 


For the sensorial activity I have introduced N to a puzzle board.He simply tries to fit in the right animal to the right size on the board.This was little difficult for N but he has been doing shape sorting pretty well and learnt this in no time.He quickly matches the giraffe now and hippo takes the longest time to be matched.



Four animals per week for the language tray.Currently N is getting familiar with Lion,Tiger,Elephant and giraffe.First I take out the animal from the tray naming them and keep it on the floor.Then I let N take out animals one by one and keep it on the floor while I name them in the order he picks up.He has become familiar with lion and giraffe and picks them on instructing but still needs time to perfect it.

Fine Motor Activity


Coin slot box stands as our all time favourite .N is bit of an expert in pushing the caps through the slot to the box and then reopening the box and redoing it all over again.

N loved all these trays this week and has been pretty busy.Our activity area turns into a mess once he is done with all the activities, but the best part is he sits through all the activities and tries to finish the tray that he starts.

Keep watching this space every week for more activities.

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