If you are a parent you must also be battling with the same question and if you’re  not yet then yes, you very well are the boss of your own life.Since morning till the next morning yes you got me right I dance to the tunes of my 9 month old.

No matter how much i try to set routine EAT PLAY SLEEP …REPEAT… never happens in our house .

Its like …….


He needs to see what you are trying to feed him,he opens mouth for the first time and then what you get is a mouth tightly shut and a constant nodding head this goes on for a while, till the time he gets hold of the spoon and throws it away. Well eat time ends with a few bites of finger food here and there ,then the demand of getting away from the high chair comes in and yes as I said you know who the boss is ….so give in pick him up.


Too bored of the old toys he needs something interesting like may be the thing you are trying to type on to NO NO NO BOSS you are too young for it and papa (the other slave) cant afford another one as of now. So you better shut it down and sit down and play with him and make things interesting for him. Here you go Play time you become the monkey doggie tiger even the kitty.


Expectations Mummy sings a lullaby baby sleeps on the lap awwwwwww ….so sweet. Reality

Baby: What the hell!!!! are you trying to lull me to sleep

Mumma: ahhhhh no thats just mumma loving you

Baby: Dont you mumma mumma me put me down right away

Mumma: But its almost midnight you need to sleep

Baby: What are you nuts daddy came just few hours back need to spend some time with him quality time i mean

Mumma: Enough now off to sleep

Baby: buhahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Mumma: Ok puppa here you go

This pretty much sums up what happens every day and how democracy is sabotaged by this little autocrat 😉

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