Why Music is the Best Hobby for Your Child

Music is something which touches us from the very beginning even before we realise we start responding to music. Research proves that an unborn baby can respond to music. Isn’t that magical, and indeed music is magical. Ever wondered what benefits your child will get if introduced to music at the right age?

Music can touch us in a way that nothing else can. No better gift can we give to the children than to open this door for them. – Dr Montessori

Sensitive Period for music

Children have a sensitive period for music, and if music is introduced at that stage it has great benefits in terms of their overall development. The sensitive period as per Montessori approach is two and half to six years. During this period the child responds to music well and gets the maximum benefit from it.

Benefits of Music

Apart from developing a taste in music, music has other developmental benefits for children as well.

  1. Concentration
  2. Creativity
  3. Improves memory
  4. Language and vocabulary development
  5. Makes them more social and confident

Music at Home 

We often ignore music as a hobby and consider it as something that can be taught only through special classes. But the fact is that home is the best place to start with music. And it doesn’t require any complex musical instrument.

How to Introduce Music 

Let’s talk about the instruments that are child friendly

Xylophone and Bells

Young toddlers and babies enjoy a lot when they play with bells and xylophone as it helps in strengthening their muscles. And it also helps in better motor co-ordination.


Keyboards can be introduced at any age as children seem to connect with music instantly with a keyboard. The best is to buy a mini keyboard. Casio Mini Keyboard is perfect for introducing keyboard to your kids. It has many features which make it perfect for learning keyboard at home without any assistance.

Music as Gift


There is no better gift in this world than to gift a child something that makes them smarter and develops so many skills. Many times, we are at a loss when it comes to gifting not just to our own child but to others as well. So, the next time you want to gift a child something, gift them a Casio Mini Keyboard and open their doors to the magical world of music.

Disclaimer: It’s a sponsored post but all opinions and views expressed in this post are entirely based on my experience.

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14 thoughts on “Why Music is the Best Hobby for Your Child

  1. I agree with this post. That is really true that we need to encourage our kids in playing music/instruments. To enhance their talent and skills. That’s why I always support my daughter on playing a piano.

    1. Music helps to sooth ones mind and gives a much need peace from the busy chaotic schedule of day to day life. And if you can play it yourself nothing like it.

  2. Agree completely! My family loves music and ita common to have some soothing music playing in the background. I think it makes the home more calmer, and kids more creative and alert to nuances.

  3. Music I so agree is the best hobby that we as parents can introduce to our kids. We had introduced a keyboard to our daughter at the age of 3 and today she loves to play few tunes on it all by herself. In fact, such is the love for music that she has started appreciating good music whenever she hears.

  4. Totally agree! Music adds a lot to the child’s over development. A&A’s interest towards musical instruments is rising and its lovely to see them gaining so much along with tremendous fun through these instruments.

  5. I would definitely introduce music to my son soon. I think they love music from a very young age

  6. Absolutely true that Music is indispensable for kids.. I remember my son used to kick me more in the womb when we used to play music.. Now also he loves his xylophone and keyboard..

  7. The one thing I knew I wanted to do for my child was to introduce him to music. My husband’s family is a lot into music.. we have people who play guitar, harmonium, piano, flute and accordion. So thankfully the environment for T is a musical one. He has his own casio and a mini guitar which he plays on now and then. I will also be putting him for classes once he is a bit older.

  8. I noticed the effect of music on my kiddo when accidentally she got hold of my harmonium. Not only she was quiet for a while but she also managed to sit in one place for a while. I am sharing this post with my other mom friends.

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