Why You Should Switch to Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes

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We live in an era where the market is flooded with options, you name it and you get it.I was never bothered about the options available or choosing the best honestly. But after becoming mother I am no less than a scanner. Anything that touches my baby has to be the best.Baby Wipes is one such thing which touches one of the most sensitive part of their body.And hence should be the best and gentlest.

Our Initial days

Let me take you down to the days when N was born, A new born days are all about feed, sleep,pee poop and repeat. I was using soft cotton cloths to wipe his bum after every round of poop and sometimes after pee.Baby wipes was something I have not used in the initial days.

Growing Up

So while N was almost 3 months old I made the switch from cotton clothes to baby wipes. Needless to say I bought the best in the market. But everytime I would take it out to use, my mom would still insist on using the cotton wipes. She would say I will do the washing drying but please don’t use the baby wipes.

That made me wonder and I wanted to tell my mom that its perfectly fine to use the baby wipes.I did some research off course from google and to my surprise my mom was right. It is not that safe to use the baby wipes even the ones which are best available in the market.

Turn the packet around and see the back side of the packaging to know if it is even ok to use.

Present day

Now Nirvaan is diaper free and is fully potty trained but still I can’t leave my house without baby wipes packet in my bag. It is still an essential for me.We still need it on the go. We are pretty much a long drive loving family and Nirvaan loves long drives too.Baby wipes comes super handy.

There are days when Nirvaan would do his activities get messy and would himself go and get the baby wipes to clean himself.


Why Mother sparsh wipes

I made the switch to bamboo wipes long time back and recently came across Mother sparsh wipes. There were few things  I was really impressed with.

  • Contains 98% water
  • Made up of 100 % plant fabric.
  • Wipes are 100 % biodegradable
  • It has the goodness of Jojoja Oil, Aloe Vera, castor oil.
  • It has 0% alcohol and is paragon free.

Why you should make the switch

Before I give the reasons for the switch let me tell you few things I have used disposable diaper and wipes. I feel super guilty as a mother and by the time I realised and made the switch to more sustainable and eco friendly options , I knew I have already done a lot of damage to our mother earth. But then better late than never.

Few facts which I am pasting from mother sparsh website

Just think about every disposable baby wipe you throw away. It adds up in 7.6 billion pounds of garbage each year or to put it another way, wet wipes are the 3rd largest consumer item in landfills and represent 30% of non-biodegradable waste.

Using Mother Sparsh water based wipes does your bit for the environment – A natural and 100% Biodegradable Wipes.

Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes are not just gentle on skin, but are kind to the environment too!

Its time now

Its time we make the switch for our babies and leave a better world for our future generation. A small step is all we need to take right now. Lets start our baby steps towards sustainable living by switching to Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes.

Please check their website to know more about the brand and the amazing range of products Mother Sparsh


Disclaimer: It’s a sponsored post but all opinions and views expressed in this post are entirely based on my experience.




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10 thoughts on “Why You Should Switch to Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes

  1. 100% biodegradable is awesome. I recall reading about this wipes. I totally agree, after we become mother we cannot compromise on okay okay quality. We want the best.

  2. Water based wipes are so good and gentle for the sensitive skin of babies. I like the fact that its 100% biodegradable.

  3. Good ecofriendly safe products are much needed now.Will try out Mother sparsh .It sounds innovative and just right

  4. Have personally used and tested these water wipes from Mother Sparsh. I strongly recommend the product as it is a great option for soft skin of kids in the initial years.

  5. That sounds like a perfect wipe for newborn babies and toddler. I have never heard of this before. I will share this with my friend.

  6. Since I became mom wet wipes are my best friends and I never forget to keep it in my bag. I haven’t tried this brand yet but after reading so many good things about it here, I am definitely going to give it a try soon.

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